There are certain things you absolutely need to know before taking off on your next international adventure, like which handy travel apps you need to DL and how to deal with culture shock. But excuse our potty mouth for a minute, because we also have to talk about toilets. It’s not something you think about if you’re just traveling through America, but this infographic by Sloan shows just how varied the toilet scene is around the rest of the world.


Since it claims we use the loo six to eight times per day, brushing up on these tips will really save your butt (sorry, we had to). Here’s some of the info we found most useful — or surprising.

1. Show me the money: A LOT of countries have an attendant that collects money for use of the toilet (or sometimes technically for toilet paper). So carry change with you, otherwise you may be SOL.

2. Fancy a** toilets: Do you run water when you go to the bathroom at your boo’s so he won’t hear you pee (don’t lie to us)? Well in Japan, electronic toilets have lots of options, including a white noise machine. Really.

3. All hail the porcelain: There’s some serious passion for porcelain around the world, from the Sublah International Museum of Toilets in New Delhi, India to the price of the most expensive bathroom in the world — $29 MILLION — in China. There’s also a Taiwanese restaurant that serves food and drinks in mini toilet bowls and urinals. I think we just lost our appetite.

Check out the full infographic for more cool facts and useful tips on bathrooms around the world:


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