Lace wedding dresses are timeless and classic (i.e. Kate Middleton’s wedding gown), so it’s safe to assume that lace wedding details will have the same effect. This delicate and detailed fabric can easily add a romantic feel to all wedding decor, stationery and even cakes! See our favorite ways to add lace details to weddings in any season below.


1. Lace Laser Cut: Incorporate lace throughout your whole celebration, starting from the moment your guests are invited! These laser-cut invites have the perfect feminine touch. (via Whimsique / The Youngrens)


2. Vintage Stationery: Frame your paper goods with a fun, lacy ribbon. It’s an easy and gorgeous way to include your vintage motif. (via Laura Damiano Designs / Joanne Giannetti Photography)


3. Chuppah Fabric: Chuppahs can be done so many different ways, but incorporating floral details along with a gorgeous fabric is a match made in heaven. A delicate lace fabric is the prettiest addition to this wooden chuppah. (via Four Branches)


4. Romantic Bridal Look: It doesn’t get more romantic than an off-the-shoulder lace dress and dark lip combo. This is a great look for a classic bride looking to be a bit edgier. (via Mon Amie Bridal Salon / Ann Marie Swift Photography)


5. Modern Lace: For a more modern take on lace, consider a two-piece bridal outfit with a lace crop top. A look like this is tasteful and edgy all at the same time. (via Gather Events / Matthew Levi Applegate)


6. Daisy Lace: Not about traditional lace? Try something more bubbly and fun, like this ’70s-inspired daisy lace, for a fun take on the classic look. (via Jenni Grace Photography)


7. Cutout Details: Cutouts are all the rage nowadays. But for a classier look on your wedding day, a touch of lace will do just the trick. (via Adam + Alli Photography)


8. Lace Shawl: During the colder months, don’t let your bridesmaids freeze. A delicate lace shawl not only makes for a great bridesmaid gift, but it’s a fashionable way to keep your maids warmer. (via Joanna August / Krista Mason Photography / Flower Duet LA / Kacee Geoffroy)


9. Table Runner: Reception tables with lots of varying textures will take your decor next level. A delicate lace runner is the perfect alternative to a simple linen. (via All in the Detail Design / Erin J Saldana Photography / Floral Occasions / Luxe Linen / Found Rentals / 24 Carrots / Franciscan Gardens)


10. Personalized Lace Details: Any planner will tell you, it’s all in the details. Vintage books paired with a laser-cut lace-patterned tag are a small but personalized touch to your decor. (via A Good Affair / KLK Photography)


11. Chic Linen: There’s nothing more gorgeous than an ornate linen. A thick and chic lace-patterned linen is an eye-catching way to spice up your table. (via Asya Photography / Table Art)


12. Centerpiece Details: Long reception tables can often look bare if not decorated correctly. Using bunched-up vintage lace as a runner can give your table an added layer of dimension and house your centerpieces nicely. (via Fete Nashville / Abigail Bobo Photography)


13. Glam Tabletop: Vintage meets glam with a gold-adorned lace table linen. A linen like this completes this Old Hollywood wedding. (via CAKE Event Company / Chase the Love / Etablir Shop / Arboretum Rentals / Letters to You)


14. Sophisticated Reception: If you’re looking for a more elegant look, a crisp, white lace runner is the perfect touch of sophistication for any tabletop. (via Stephanie Uchima Events / Patrick Moyer Photography / Luxe Linen)


15. Stylish Lace Cake: Reimagine a beautiful lace dress through a modern and contemporary cake. The off-white fondant punctuates the detailed lace pattern. (via Marni Rothschild Pictures / Jim Smeal / WED Charleston)


16. Textured Cake: White cakes don’t have to be boring. Adding varying textures and patterns like ruffles and lace makes this cake a beaut. (via Bluebird Productions / Jason and Gina Wedding Photographers)

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