Whether you skipped all things pink, floral or otherwise related to Valentine’s Day, or Cupid only brought you wilted flowers and stale candy, we think it’s high time you treat someone you truly love, aka yourself. We’ve got our fave picks for your home, some sparkly arm candy for your jewelry collection and a few glam outfits that you totally deserve. In the wise tradition of Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec, treat yo’ self!


1. Dhurrie Occasional Chair ($498): It’s your home, and you can decorate it however you please. Splurge on one of these gorgeous, colorful chairs to brighten up any room in your place.

Sage shoes

2. Cali in Sage ($245): Okay, so sage-colored oxfords aren’t the most practical purchase you’ll make this week, but that’s not the point. These shoes are rad, and they should be on your feet because you feel like it.


3. Cashmere Varsity Sweatpants ($150): Nothing says TREAT YO SELF like a pair of cashmere sweatpants. They’re so comfortable and warm, we just might marry them.


4. Silver Lamé Kaftan ($619): If you prefer to do your lounging in silver lamé, then we’re definitely not going to stop you. Make every part of your day glamorous with this ultra-luxe kaftan.


5. Druzy Wrap Ring ($118): We die for this ring. Is there anything more self-indulgent than a gigantic statement ring? Who cares — that’s the whole point.


6. Moonlight Panther Ring ($275): Yes, that’s a blingin’ panther sitting on the model’s finger, and we want it in our jewelry collection now.

Goldfinger Set

7. The Goldfinger Set ($190): Do your best Bond impression with this gorgeously designed cocktail set. Invite over your besties, mix up a few cocktails and then hit the town. They’ll be the poshest cocktails you’ve ever made.


8. Hand-Painted Wanderlust Globe ($148+): Inspire yourself for some fearless travel with these beautiful, hand-painted globes. There’s no time like the present for an adventure. Go get some for yourself.


9. Bank in the Form of a Pig ($200): Step up your piggy bank game in a pretty serious way with this totally unnecessary, yet totally awesome pig. With enough room to store up to $10,000 in bills, you’ll be able to save up for your next adventure.

What’s the max budget you’d use for a TREAT YO’ SELF moment? Tell us in the comments below!