Wearables are continuing to have a moment. Actually, we might even go as far as to say that if last year was the year we talked about how cool wearables will be, 2015 is the year we actually get to wear ’em. From the much-awaited release of the Apple Watch to the ultra stylish Ringly, smart jewelry has gone from functional to downright fashionable. And now there’s a new brand on the rise that just might blow everyone out of the water.


In a market that’s quickly becoming overcrowded, wearable accessory company Trellie has found a way to stand out. The brand offers not only one option (like a ring or bracelet), but instead works using a small piece of hardware that can be moved between different accessories. Feel like wearing a ring on Monday? Go ahead and pop the dime-sized device into on of their gorgeous options. In the mood for a bracelet on Tuesday? Simply swap it out.

The beauty of this take on smart jewelry is that it offers not only more variety, but also so much more bang for your buck. It will be easy for Trellie to continue rolling out new and beautiful pieces of jewelry that fit the smart device, whereas if you opt for something more akin to Ringly, you’re pretty much stuck with just that piece until you’re ready to invest in another.


Trellie is set to release a “starter kit” for $99 this spring. This special pre-order rate includes a silver or gold-plated ring, the dime-sized hardware and a charger (after the pre-order rate expires, this set will retail for $129). Along with the kit, you’ll also be able to buy 10 additional styles of accessories, which will range from $35-50.


As far as the actual functionality of Trellie, it can do pretty much everything other similar wearables are offering: light up or vibrate when you’re receiving calls or texts, notify you of calendar events, all controlled using an app on your smartphone.

Trellie definitely won’t have all the capabilities of something like a smartwatch, but if fashion comes first for you, this is definitely a super stylish way to try out the trend.

Do you own a wearable? Which one is your smart accessory of choice? Share with us in the comments below.

(h/t and photos via TechCrunch)