With wearables taking over our wrists these days, it’s normal to wake up knowing the quality of your sleep, how many calories you burned yesterday and how many steps you need to take before you reach your fitness goal today. From Activité to Montblanc, the Swiss watch wearable game is gradually growing, and the latest addition to the Swiss wearable fam is Swatch.


Since Swatch is known for color-popping watches, you can probably already guess that we’re thrilled to hear they’re coming out with a line of wearables by May of this year. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek hasn’t reveal much about the wearables yet, but considering the smart features Swatch puts into its average watches, we’re pretty sure they’re going to make impressive, eye-catching timepieces.


One of Swatch’s spokesmen told CNET that their wearables will have communication functions and mobile payment options, and will allow users to download Windows and Android applications free of charge. Some other features to expect are thin, bendable batteries, a touchscreen and unique, high-tech features, since Swatch has been using this type of technology in their watches for a while now. Given that Swatch’s Tissot line of watches used altimeters and sensors for divers, we can’t wait to find out the official list of features that will be available in their wearables.


Swatch is going to have some serious competition to answer to, seeing as they’ll be releasing their wearable around the same time the Apple Watch comes out. Full disclosure: We might be ditching our Apple commitments for these color bombs.

Do you have a Swatch watch? What features would you love in a colorful, Swiss-made wearable? It’s time to let us know in the comments below!