Makeup just seems to be getting more and more convenient for girls on the go. From smaller, more totable sizing to innovative packaging and design, new beauty brands seem to get that modern women have about five minutes to spare on getting a flawless face before tackling their fully booked days — and want to get the look as effortlessly as possible. trèStiQue (a brand whose name sounds so French and sexy but is terribly clunky to type) is the latest of the bunch to debut its line of mini makeup that, in its eight-piece entirety, can cover everything from your everyday base makeup to the most sophisticated date night look.

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The first thing you’ll notice about trèStiQue is its unique packaging: not only does each of its face, lip and eye products come in stick form, which makes it realllllly easy to fit into your purse/wallet/pocket, but the caps are actually made to look like IRL crayons or colored pencils. That playful design signals more fun underneath. Each product features magnetic caps that click in place, ensuring that the formulas remain as fresh as possible, plus includes built-in tools like brushes and sponges + balm tips that you can easily switch out at any time if they’re becoming too worn out.


And then there’s the glides-on-easy, cream-gel makeup. Developed to blend easier and wear longer, the lightweight formulas provide a hefty amount of coverage with just a few swipes whether you’re looking to even out your skin with the foundation-style Face Stick ($34), dress up your pout with the cherry red matte Balm Lip Crayon ($28) or add a pearlescent shine to your eyelids with the crease-free Shadow Crayon ($26).


Personally, I found the products to be rather pleasant, both when it came to texture and application. Grab the three chubbiest sticks (aka the foundation, bronzer and blush sticks) to apply your fuss-free everyday makeup, then mess with the smaller pencils — that’s everything from eye + brow cremes to lip color — whenever you want to build up the drama to suit your special occasion. Remember, that’s all no brushes or palettes necessary (maybe only just a few tutorials to help you cover your bases ;), which means trèStiQue may very will become your fave new travel-friendly brand.

What beauty brands do you turn to for on-the-go application ease? Name drop in the comments below.