Braids and buns seem like they’re always the go-to when it comes to wanting a seriously enchanting hairstyle. While it’s no secret that we’ve reveled in the concept of a beautiful braid for every occasion, some of us are still left with the lingering thought: is that all there is? (Or if you’re a lazy girl, do I haaaave to do all that plaiting?) Well to put it simply… of course not! Enter twisted hairstyles Whether you’re gearing up for your next big event or simply wanna mask that second day hair, these 11 twist hairstyles are the next big solution to pretty much all of your hair needs.


1. Twisted Back: These half-up twists are perfect for long or medium hair. They’ll give you a tailored look while still keeping things casual — perfect for a romantic brunch. (via Luxy Hair Blog)


2. Embellished Braids: Looking to add a glam twist to your hair? Add embellishments to your box braids for a next-level take on the look. (via @bombshellss)


3. Laid-Back Twist: For the lazy girl looking to do the twist! This simple style, similar to a low knot, is perfect for that woke-up-like-this appeal. To achieve this look, set aside hair from your low pony and twist it around the elastic, keeping it loose and messy. (via @redkenofficial)


4. Halo Braid: If you’re rocking long hair or some serious extensions, this halo braid is great for giving you a put-together look while attending some decadent spring weddings. Create this hairstyle by making one long braid and wrapping and pinning it around the crown of your head. (via @kissmyspikez)


5. Pony Twist: Want to give your daily pony a more modern look? This twisted ponytail will add a sleek edge to a variety of looks, fit for a day out shopping or your best friend’s wedding. (via Byrdie)


6. Twisted Pony Tail: Here’s a twist that screams wedding season. Don these double-twisted headbands for a look that’s straight out of a fairytale. (via @hairfrick)

fishtail twist

7. Fishtail Twists: Rapunzel’s got nothing on you. Whether you’re a plus-one, or the bride herself, you’ll turn heads with this intricate look. (via Barefoot Blonde)


8. Beanie Twist: This one’s for the girl not ready for winter to end. Before the snow melts, toss on your favorite beanie and hit the slopes in these flawless twisted braids. (via @bombshells)


9. Half Twist: Go for a sweet and whimsical style with this half-up twisted ‘do — it’s pretty much a grown-up version of a flower girl hairstyle. (via @glauvalente)


10. Flat Twist: Long-haired girls don’t get all the fun! Give your look a little edge without the commitment of using a razor. Braid the sides of your hair into flats twists, letting he front fall forward in a faux undercut. (via @tobnatural)


11. Wrap Around Twist: Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch or simply hunting for a no-fuss ‘do (that’s not your regular old bun), this wrap-around twist is great for the girl who’s got stuff to get done. (via Along Abbey Road)

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