We are by no means newbies at online shopping. So why do the websites we visit on the regular treat us like we’re first-time customers every time we go to checkout? We’ve filled in the blanks of the pre-order pop-quiz what seems like hundreds of times now, and even felt the blindside of our “remember me next time” filed forgetting us completely after it was left unchecked during a hastier-than-usual flash sale purchase. We can’t be the only ones wondering why buying items we obsess over online can’t be as easy as they are to Pin, right? It’s a savvy shopper’s dream scenario, and Two Tap, a new universal shopping cart is trying to make that a reality.

Unlike other online carts that require you to perform your on-screen shopping within specific apps, Two Tap aims to make seamless shopping an Internet-wide experience. The pop-up program lets users pick items from multiple retailers on any mobile app or website and buy the goods with just one purchase. With Two Tap, that one purchase translates into a more automatic checkout. That means once your shipping + billing info is added into the TT system, you’ll only have to make a few no-brainer moves to confirm your payment verification. According to VentureBeat, these include confirming your email address, entering a randomly generated access code that’s sent straight to your phone and typing in your stored credit card’s CVV code. Hmm… I guess yay for not having to remember yet another pw?

But don’t give up hope on the seamless shopping scenario just yet. Two Tap announced today that it just raised $2.7 million in seed funding, which means the technology really could be on its way to facilitating the one-two punch, er, tap that its name promises. ‘Cause once it delivers close-to mind reading checkout capabilities, it should have no problem being THE “shopping cart of the entire Internet.”

(h/t VentureBeat)