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2 Treats in 1! Make These Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

We’re nearing the end of National Ice Cream Month but we aren’t even close to nearing the end of ways we can hack our favorite warm weather treat. Next up, a bit of a riff on the old ice cream cone. In fact, this version completely skips the ice cream for a delicious cupcake treat. Get the adorable kit in our shop!

DIY Recipes

Make Dad Happy With Our Bacon and Beer Waffle Cake Recipe

If there are two things dads everywhere love, it’s bacon and beer. And what better way to celebrate dad than with a cake featuring some of his favorite things? Lucky for you, we’ve combined all delicious, dad-approved ingredients to mix up the superfecta of Father’s Day Treats.

DIY Recipes

Let’s Make Out! Or Just Make Our Conversation Heart Cake ;)

Is there any candy that reminds you more of Valentine’s Day than a conversation heart? I mean, who could forget those adorable little boxes and candies you exchanged as kids? But for the record, we’re not sure anyone actually likes eating those hearts, so we came up with a version everyone is sure to enjoy. Introducing our Conversation Heart Cake! Make this four-layer stunner on Valentine’s Day and you’ll really get the conversation going!

DIY Recipes