There’s no doubt that the return of the Gilmore Girls has stirred up excitement among hardcore fans. Monthly Gilmore Girls subscription boxes and candles bringing us the scents of Stars Hollow have us biding our time until A Year in the Life finally hits Netflix. But it turns out the folks who live in the IRL Stars Hollow are not so thrilled. At least not about one particular part of the show’s return. In fact, they’re downright upset.

Gilmore Girls _ Stars Hollow

Washington Depot is a small town in Connecticut, the picturesque home to merely 3,600 residents. That will all change when the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival rolls into town. The event is expected to bring an added 1,200 people into town for the three-day event happening October 21, 22 and 23.

Promising vendors, screenings, cocktail hour, photo opps, a knit-a-thon and Gilmore Girls trivia, it could be a temporary boom for the tiny town, but that doesn’t mean folks are pleased. According to The Greater New Milford Spectrum, 60-year town resident John Payne claims, “The town’s closest gas station will run out of gas, parking will be nightmarish, and storefronts will be full of out-of-towners and foreign “Gilmore Girls” oriented fare, not the usual coffee-and-newspaper goods townspeople enjoy.”

Gilmore Girls _ Stars Hollow

So GG fans, if you’re headed to the festival, do your best to be nice to the townsfolk. But maybe avoid John. Although chances are, you won’t see him anyway. He claims most people he’s talked to who live in Washington Depot will be leaving town for the event. John himself will be “filling up on gas before the event, changing his weekend plans, and staying far, far away from Washington Depot if the weekend goes as planned.”

Let’s hope it does indeed go as planned for those hardcore GG fans making the journey.

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(h/t The Greater New Milford Spectrum; photos via Netflix)