Color combos usually rely on the color wheel — complementary colors or analogous colors almost always look amazing together. But there’s also something to be said for combos that stray from the traditional “rules.” Plus, who doesn’t love an out-of-the-ordinary wedding detail? Consider one of these unexpected color combos:

1. Orange and Gray: If you love making a bold statement without being an eyesore, this pairing is perfect. The orange pops, while the gray mutes it just enough. (Photo via Every Last Detail)


2. Green and Purple: Purple will always be a majorly popular hue for weddings, but you can make your violet affair stand out from the crowd by pairing it with greens. This one works because even the brightest purple flowers will have some greenery, making them a natural pair. (Photo via Wedding Chicks)


3. Red, White and Blues: Embrace the patriotism, or opt for varying shades of these good old American hues (like scarlet red with turquoise and ivory, for example) for a totally fun and fresh palette. (Photo via Wedding Chicks)


4. Yellow, Chartreuse and White: Two bright colors might seem like a bad idea, but its their vibrancy that makes them work so well together! Plenty of white balances it out and calms the palette down a bit. (Photo via Wedding Chicks)


5. Blush and Fuchsia: These two seems like total opposites: One is light and romantic, the other is bold and fun. You know what they say — opposites attract. (Photo via Every Last Detail)


6. Aqua, Beige and White: Usually when you have a color like aqua (or turquoise or Tiffany blue), you want to let it take the spotlight. Instead, using lots of neutrals gives the popular color a new spin — and actually makes it stand out more! (Photo via Polka Dot Bride)


7. Brown, Cream and Silver: A rich, chocolate brown gives your wedding a warm feeling, while the silver and cream combine for a romantic, classy aesthetic. (Photo via Snippet & Ink)

Are you opting for fun colors on your big day? Tell us your wedding colors in the comments!