Matching figurines, a tasteful monogram, even some gorgeous typography — your cake topper options are endless when it comes to your big day, or any other occasion for that matter. And we do mean endless. But today we’ve bypassed the glittery and the elegant and gone straight for the PEOPLE ACTUALLY BUY THAT?! Apparently they do. And if you’re one of those people, then enjoy the weirdest cake toppers that Etsy has to offer.

1. It’s Not A Party Without Bacon! ($15+): Bacon is def the cherry on top of our breakfast, so maybe we should try it on our wedding cake, too? This topper isn’t limited to weddings. The maker will customize it for any occasion!

2. Shark Cake Topper ($49): We have to admit, when we try to think of animals that represent our relationships, sharks aren’t the first thing to come to mind.

3. Minions Custom Wedding Cake Topper ($125): We love Despicable Me as much as the next girl, but a minion mini-me isn’t really how we envision our wedding cake. But if it’s for you, more power to ya.

4. World of Warcraft Wedding Cake Topper ($160): WoW is one of those cultural niches that you have to be a part of to really get. Luckily, they have an Etsy creator on board. You even get to choose your character!

5. Funny Sexy Las Vegas Wedding Cake Topper ($40): If you’re the type of girl who’s always dreamed of that funny, sexy Vegas wedding, there’s a cake topper for that.

6. No Hunting Cake Topper ($97): We’ve heard of brides who’ve hustled their grooms down the aisle, but never of ones who dragged them out of the woods to say I do. Will guns on top of wedding cakes be a 2015 trend? Let’s hope not.

7. Superman and Lois Lane Topper ($114): Forget just a plain old cake topper; here’s a whole Superman and Lois Lane themed set! You get the topper, toasting glasses, a knife + server set AND a garter. If your groom is way into superheroes, you could indulge him and let him get this. After all, he let you choose Blush and Bashful as your wedding colors.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Cake Topper ($120): If you’re planning some Halloween nuptials, Jack and Sally aren’t the worst choice for döppelgangers.

9. Princess Peach and Toad Wedding Cake Topper ($120): This got even cuter when we realized Toad was standing on his hat and Peach had a bouquet. Is it weird that we kind of love this? Because we do.

10. Retail Therapy Cake Topper ($100): We can see the groom having some sleepless nights over the state of his checkbook pre-Big Day, but a bride so shopping-obsessed it even leeches into wedding cake — we fear for their joint bank account.

11. Gone Groom Fishing Cake Topper ($54): Let all your guests know you caught a good one with this fishing-themed topper.

12. T-Rex Wedding Cake Topper ($250): Perfect for your paleontologist couple. (Because we all know those, right?) We suppose this would go well with the Jurassic Park-themed wedding shoot.

13. Up‘s Carl + Ellie Custom Cake Topper ($130): TBH, Carl and Ellie are one of our fave movie couples, so it might be a little unbelievable but we’re still on board. But where are the balloons?!

14. One Too Many Wedding Cake Topper ($155): We get it. A one night stand that somehow turned into a happily ever after. So romantic!

15. Tender Touch Cake Topper ($41): As Tina Belcher would say: Butts.

16. Half Zombie Half Normal Wedding Cake Topper ($150): If you’re a doomsday prepper or you’re convinced the zombie apocalypse is nigh, this is your perfect wedding cake topper. But maybe keep the fake blood on the figurine, instead of the real dress.

17. Frankenstein and Bride Silhouette Topper ($25): Several of these toppers would work well for a Halloween wedding, but we’re pretty into this silhouette option. It would be super cute if Frankenstein and his bride were your couple costume the next year.

Are you into the quirky and unusual for your wedding? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found on Etsy? Share below!