Making that final fitting room decision can be brutal. Sure this dress is way cute, but so were the last two you tried on and it’s really a toss up as to which will vibe best with your fave pair of summer pumps. And since buying all three would totally put you out, you call time, rank ‘em and remember to save that receipt. It’s a situation you might not be sweating in the future if a radical shopping concept from the minds behind UNIQLO catches on: Customers can wear clothing out the door BEFORE they commit to buying it.

Piloted by UNIQLO’s trendier sister store GU, the brand-new program called GU Fitting will allow select customers to check out up to three clothing items for a same-day test drive. There are virtually no restrictions on the loan: GU only asks for your name + phone number — no CCs or IOUs required — and requests that you pop back into the store with the garments and your decision to buy or leave empty handed knowing that the peplum-hem skirt you’d been eyeing really wasn’t meant to be. According to GU, those once-loved pieces will be used on mannequins or recycled.

Currently underway at one of GU’s Tokyo-based shops, the mall madness is open to 30 customers per day until the end of this month. There are no reports out yet about the actual return rate on the “rentals,” which run around the same price as Forever21 garb. But since GU is already considering expanding the program, we have a hunch our mamas taught us all well enough ;)

Really, we’re not surprised by GU’s reaction to consider additional roll outs: The try before you buy concept has been a smash hit for e-tailers that allow customers to play dress up in the comfort of their home with their curated arsenal of accessories within arms reach. Maybe with a few more checks in place — you know, just incase — GU’s concept has potential to become the new normal for retail.

Are your fingers crossed for this shopping concept to roll out, like, everywhere? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

(h/t Racked)