Or perhaps we should call it, pephem? Nope, we’re not making up words. Pephem is actually short for peplum hem, a new trend that we’re totally gaga for. This means that the frilly peplum we’ve known and loved has actually moved down to the bottom of skirts and dresses now. Crazy, right? While we’ve been digging the original peplum trend, it’s been around for a while, so our dear friends at ASOS decided that enough’s enough. They’ve shaken things up in the fashion world, and we’ve picked out 15 fab ways for you to join in on the pephem trend.

1. ASOS Exclusive Leopard Mini Dress ($35): We’re starting this roundup off with a bang. This bright, printed dress is perfect for all summer outings, day or night.

2. ASOS Peplum Hem Skirt in Texture ($105): This skirt is the perfect combination of a bold hemline and a subdued color choice. A+, ASOS!

3. ASOS Scuba Skirt in Floral Print ($67): There’s no limit to the amount of floral you can have in your summer wardrobe. It’s just so adorable.

4. Fashion Union Scuba Skirt With Peplum Hem ($42): We love that the pephem isn’t super obvious on this skirt, and there’s a serious visual interest added by that chic, wavy line.

5. ASOS Bardot Texture Dress ($86): We’d describe this dress as Madonna meets Carrie Bradshaw, and we’re digging everything about it.

6. ASOS Jacquard Dress With Peplum Hem ($115): Flower power, folks! We can’t stress it enough.

7. ASOS Scuba Skirt in Check Print ($67): What do you get when you pair the organic lines of the pephem with some modern, geometric checks? This monochrome masterpiece.

8. ASOS Pencil Skirt in Ponte ($58): That bright pop of red makes this skirt a true gem. We’re ready to stroll the streets of Europe in this Parisian-inspired pick.

9. ASOS Curve Skirt in Winter Rose Print ($61): Another huge trend this season is matching tops and bottoms. But if you’re not into the coordinating duo, this skirt is still just as fabulous on its own.

10. ASOS Skirt With Drop Peplum Hem ($58): Playful colors with a playful hemline? Sign us up.

11. ASOS Lace Print Dress ($67): In case you weren’t aware, pephem can be super classy, too. This lace-printed beauty is definitely proof.

12. ASOS Premium Pencil Skirt in Scuba ($105): If muted colors just aren’t doing it for you, this bold blue hue is sure to turn some heads this summer.

13. ASOS Midi Dress With Sweetheart Neck ($86): Pephem also pairs incredibly well with sweetheart necklines. No matter which of these stunning colors you choose, this dress is perfect for a work event, hot date or cocktail party.

14. ASOS Peplum Hem Cami Dress ($73): Have you ever seen something so light and summery in your life? This dress legit embodies the season into one fantastic cami dress.

15. ASOS Scuba Mini Skirt ($46): That peekaboo white line adds just the right amount of pizzazz to the hemline of this fab skirt.

So what do you think, peplum or pephem? Drop us a line in the comments below or on Facebook.