Winter can be cold and dreary, but the good news is that we get to fill our lives with winter-blues-fighting necessities like candles. Sweet scents and cozy lighting are what make all unique candles awesome, but whether it’s via creative shapes or motivational messages, some really stand out from the pack. Those stand-out-from-the-crowd candles are exactly what we’re sharing today. Read on and add some light to your winter life.


1. Parrot Candle ($17): Bring the tropics to your home with this turquoise-hued, parrot-shaped candle. You’ll basically be able to hear the ocean waves, guaranteed.


2. Note Candle ($24): This candle is perfect for a desk or office because it lets you store notes in a super creative, great-smelling way. If you’re not one for notes, scribble a good quote or a motivational sentiment on it to lift your spirits every time you catch a glance.

orange creamsicle

3. Orange Creamsicle Candles ($24): These beauties look great on any dinner table or book shelf. Imagine them sticking in some pretty ivory-colored holders… perfection!

seaglass wooden wick

4. Seaglass Wooden Wick Candle ($20): The scent of this candle is reminiscent of the ocean, while its wooden wick crackles like a campfire. If you’re missing beach times during the winter, this candle is definitely for you.

soy amazing

5. You’re Soy Amazing Candle ($18): This candle makes the sweetest gift for someone special in your life. Or if you’re in #treatyoself mode, keep it for some daily positive thinking.

bamboo melon

6. Bamboo Melon Candle ($32): This little gem is blended from soy and essential oils to create one of the most succulent scents your nose has ever come across. Bamboo and melon melt together into a summery, tropical scent that you will never be able to get enough of.


7. Daffodil Striped Candle ($24): These yellow candles go with almost any color scheme imaginable. Use them to add a pop of color to a mostly neutral vibe or add them to an already colorful decorating scheme — there’s no way to go wrong!

expletive storm fresh

8. Swear Jar Storm Fresh Candle ($40): If you’ve got a potty mouth, or know someone who does, this candle was made for them. Once the soy wax is used, you’ve got your very own swear jar. If you really love expletives, you’ll be sending yourself on a fancy vacay in no time!


9. Flannel Candle ($22): If there ever was a candle made for winter, this one is it. The flannel scent of this candle practically begs to be lit next to a roaring fireplace while it snows outside.

frank and orange

10. Frankincense and Orange Candle ($28): Two of the best scents ever have been combined into one candle, and it’s right here, ladies and gents. The Frankincense and orange combo is spicy and sweet and cannot be beat.

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