So you just got engaged and are over the freakin鈥 moon excited about everything wedding coming your way. But before we get talking about wedding dress trends and ways to add white to spring and summer nuptials, there鈥檚 something else that needs to come first: the engagement announcement. Sure, you鈥檝e let your parents and besties know, but now it鈥檚 time to let the rest of your social world in on your big news. There鈥檚 no better way to share your happy news than with an adorable Instagram photo that will forever commemorate that precious moment (and show off your new bling, of course). To get you pumped, here are 18 of the most unique Instagram engagement announcements to *ooh* and *ahh* over.


1. Take Me by the Hand: What a sweet way to let your friends know that now the both of you will be hand-in-hand to face anything that heads your way! It鈥檚 a creative way to feature the location you got engaged. (via @theeveryhostess)


2. Share a Timeless Moment: There鈥檚 always time to stop for a quick cuddle during your Sunday stroll. Show your friends what your quiet moments together look like. (via @gayweddings)


3. Take It for a Spin: This bride-to-be was proposed to on top of a mountain! If you can say the same, share the life-changing scenic moment with friends. (via @salwadarling)

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4. Share a Little FaceTime: How adorable is this engagement announcement? Show off your goofy sides with a fun photo of your new ring and your relatives鈥 reactions. (via @patrigutierrez)


5. Talk to the Hand: This one鈥檚 great if you鈥檙e too busy, um鈥 showing how much you appreciate your future partner in life ;) Let your friends know what you said with a handwritten note. (via @weddingdaydiamonds)


6. Tell It to the Kids: If you鈥檙e a teacher, let your students in on your happy moment and show your friends how they react. Hopefully, they鈥檒l accept your name change graciously like this teacher鈥檚 students here. (via @miss5th)


7. Sunset Snuggle on the Beach: After bae sweeps you off your feet with that sparkly stunner, hit the beach for a backdrop full of waves and windswept hair while the sun sets. (via @kioskatrina)


8. Tie the Knot: This clever enactment of tying the knot is all kinds of perfect. There鈥檚 no better way to share this special moment than in your favorite album of memories 鈥 aka Instagram. (via @dandybby)


9. Pic(nic) Perfect: First course: sandwiches. Second course: dessert. Third course: an engagement ring!!! BEST PICNIC EVER. (via @claudita.mart911)


10. Wave to the Waves: If your boo proposed to you on the beach, snap a pic of your gorgeous new engagement ring and the beautiful shoreline. It might be too much beautiful for Instagram to handle. (via @nickielamanna)


11. Do It in Front of a聽Landmark: Where better to document a landmark moment in your life than in front of a landmark? (via @kathyhtak)


12. Hold Them聽Close: Aside from her on-point mani, this engagement announcement is too sweet. Show off your stunning new engagement ring while holding your love close for this Instagram-worthy moment. (via @ashmckni)


13. There鈥檚 No Place like Home: 鈥nless that place is Paris. If you have an upcoming vacay you鈥檒l be spending with your favorite person, surprise them with a ring and show off your new engagement like this happy couple here. (via @miss_chelsx3)


14. Quote Your Favorite Artist: If the two of you share some serious love for the same artist or have a special song you call your own, have your friends hang some of your favorite lyrics on a banner before you get down on one knee. Seeing this bride鈥檚 reaction makes us want to shed a happy tear or two. (via @gabi_sousav)


15. Best Moments Collage: Too many sweet memories to choose from? Make a collage of your best moments leading to the engagement like this happy couple did! Your friends and family will love the chance to get a glimpse into one of the happiest moments of your life. (via @georgepressjewelers)


16. Stunning Backdrop: #NoFilterNeeded, especially when you get proposed to in a beautiful place like this lucky lady got in Iceland. If you were proposed to in a beautiful place, you can鈥檛 help but share that beautiful new memory with your closest friends and family. (via @jlhallinan)


17. Cheesin鈥 Husband-to-Be: Sure, the ring is gorgeous. But how about capturing how happy your handsome spouse-to-be is! Snap a pic of both to share with friends and family. (via @andreashannon)


18. Good Dog: If your furry friend is well trained like this cute companion, maybe the best way to announce your engagement is with them. Just look at that adorable face! (via @paigeengelphotography)

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