The countdown has begun. But before we can get to all the sharing, caring and eating, we have to get to the making, baking and roasting. Last week, The New York Times published The United States of Thanksgiving, detailing exactly what dish should make it onto your dinner table depending on what state you’re celebrating in. While some we’re spot on, like California’s Sourdough Stuffing With Kale, Dates and Turkey Sausage, other recipes sent state residents into a confused flurry: We’re looking at you, Minnesota Grape Salad. We’re not here to judge the choices; what we’re here to do is deliver our very own appropriate recipes for just eight select states.

1. New York: Apple Cheddar Pie: Consider this delightful twist on a Thanksgiving Day classic a slice of hometown pride for anyone hailing from the Big Apple.

2. Oregon: Cabernet Cranberry Sauce: If you’re from Oregon, you know that your state has a bevy of mighty fine wines to offer. Those grown-up grape juices should probably try to find their way into each and every one of your dishes, starting with the cranberry sauce.

3. Tennessee: Basil Brussels Sprout Mac and Cheese: Brussels sprouts just might be the official green of 2014. And from Nashville to Memphis to Knoxville, Brussels sprouts have been appearing on the menu at every hot new TN restaurant. If you’re not so keen on those mean little balls of green, maybe you can disguise your nutrition by burying it in a load of cheese and noodles. It is a day of indulging, after all.

4. Utah: Caramel Apple Pie Pudding Shots: Dear Utah, thank you for being so big on this pudding that can help us wash down any weird gravy concoction our Great Aunt Margie made. These little bites of heaven are spiked with Caramel Bailey’s and safely secured in their own little pie-crust nest.

5. South Carolina: Mailable Chess Pie: For those who can’t make it to Thanksgiving this year, bring the dinner to them! Or, just the dessert. Brought to you by our friends in South Carolina, this southern staple is not only tasty, it’s easy. Just throw a ton of yummy ingredients in a bowl, mix, bake and it’s ready to be sent on its way.

6. New Hampshire: Roast Turkey: The first Thanksgiving was held in New England, and you can bet your heritage bird that there was a turkey there. This 10-pound turkey is made better with a few vegetables, a delicious herb butter and a two hour roast. Pull out of the oven and voila! A dish your mom would be proud of.

7. Illinois: Pumpkin Trifecta: Illinois produces the bulk of the pureed pumpkin that you use in the multitude of PSL desserts you love to bake up once October hits. Try baking one of these three treats up for a sweet take on the nutritious Land-of-Lincoln vegetable.

8. Idaho: Triple Threat Potatoes: Where would be without the potato? Thank you a million times, Idaho. For your potato is what side-dish dreams are made of. Especially when those potatoes come mashed, baked and fried.

Got a recipe that rightfully reps your state? Share it with the world in the comments below!