Recycling bottles, cans and paper is something most of us do automatically. So much so, that we feel a little pang of regret after accidentally throwing a bottle in a regular garbage can. But there’s a particular recycling sin that slips right by us, unnoticed every day — the plastic utensil.

Whether it’s the fork with your takeout salad or the knife with your morning bagel, Americans toss out around 40 billion plastic utensils every year. That’s outrageous! Thankfully, The Unitensil is here to meet your on-the-go eating needs with a portable, reusable tool that does it all.

Before you go thinking this is just a redux of the spork, think again. The Unitensil is actually useful, and it folds to the size of a business card. This clever eating device is not just something to be left at your desk, but something you can keep with you at all times, in your purse, pocket or wallet. It also fits great into Tupperware containers for packed lunches.

It’s made from the same type of plastic used to make disposable food containers like yogurt cups. This is what makes it malleable and easily morphed from a spoon to a fork to a knife with the help of a centralized, plastic button that turns the flat sheet of plastic into a scoop. Adele Peters of Fast Company says when it comes to using it to eat soup, the small slits that allow the spoon side to curve make things a little tricky, but overall it’s a great substitute for each of us throwing away hundreds of plastic utensils every year.

The Unitensil is made entirely in the US, which means the carbon footprint of this product is that much smaller, seeing as there’s no overseas shipping involved. You can buy a Unitensil for yourself for only $3 (or a set of two for $5) right here.

Is there anything stopping you from buying a Unitensil? Let us know what you think in the comments!