If you’re like us, desk clutter drives you absolutely crazy. It’s hard enough keeping worklife organized virtually, so it often takes a toll on our workspace IRL. And there’s only so much we can do with containers, pencil cases and Velcro (which, admittedly, is a lot…). Once you put away all of that junk, there’s always one more problem: cords, cords, cords. Sounding familiar? We thought so — then UNITI by iForte is about to change your life.

Say goodbye to clutter with this beautiful, streamlined platform. Built to raise your monitor to promote better posture, UNITI was carefully designed to give your workspace a seamless look. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, and bead-blasted for a finish that matches the look of Apple products, this stand comes with optional charging cradles for your devices. These cradles attach via magnets to the base, so no tools are needed whatsoever!

It’s not just compatible with Apple products either. You can use the original cords for iPhone, iPad + iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Note, Google Nexus, iMacs and Thunderbolt displays. They’re working on making the stand friendly for even more devices, but in the meantime, any smartphone or tablet can be charged via the USB hookup in the front.

Yes, this puppy basically solves all your cord nightmares, organizing your workspace so it’s so clean and sleek-looking that you can get on with your day. After all, it’s great to look good while you’re crushing it at work.

How can you score one? Head over to Kickstarter and check out the various donation levels. The stand by itself starts at $109, and it moves up from there, with additional add-ins like the docking cradles and Lightning cables. The $259 package will score you limited edition matte black or red color options. Ooo, red…

Are you charged up about this amazing platform? Know of more desk organization solutions? Tell us in the comments below!