We’re always on the hunt for the perfect workspace. One that combines creativity with organization, can be adjust to a standing height when needed, turned into a paint-covered work table when the occasion calls for it, and still manages to look aesthetically pleasing. That’s why when we saw WorkNest, we were very intrigued.

WorkNest is a highly configurable and customizable desk system, made for folks who like to adjust their space on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis. We should tell you now, this gorgeous workspace product is still in concept mode.

The idea behind it is that creative types like to nest, even in their workspace. Described by designer Wiktoria Lenart as a “project of modular office furniture for creative people,” the WorkNest is all about letting you create a workspace you feel is highly designed for you, instead of everyone.

The set lets you add things like planters, walls on the edges to create more privacy, wheels, and can be combined with other desks to create a large collaborative workspace. Each of the pods and walls included let you organized books, headphones, magazines, and the like.

Check out this video for more about how it works:

We can’t wait for WorkNest to become a reality. We also think there must be some combination of DIY Standing Desks and the Urbio Wall Planter/Organizer that can achieve the same results.

What does your workspace look like? Would you like something as customizable as WorkNest? Talk to us in the comments below.