Goodbye snow boots and chilly nights: Spring is here to stay! Along with breaking out our favorite pastel colors and springy floral manicures, springtime means getting our butts back in the garden and growing some delicious veggies and beautiful greens. But for us apartment dwellers, saying we’re going to start gardening and actually putting all the urban gardening hacks into practice is a very, very different story. For any small-space gardeners looking for a little extra motivation this spring, peruse these 10 urban gardening Instagram accounts for maximum Insta-garden inspiration.

Houseplant Journal

1. Houseplant Journal: Based in Toronto, Darryl Cheng is a lover of all things green and indoor. Check out his dedicated houseplant blog that offers tips, tricks and hacks on how to grow stunning plants, all without leaving the house. (Photo via @houseplantjournal)

Urban Gardeners Republic

2. Urban Gardeners Republic: Boasting the largest online community of urban gardeners worldwide, Urban Gardeners Republic is an awesome resource for anyone who’s thinking about starting an urban garden. Their account is curated from community bloggers around the world through the hashtag #UrbanGardenersRepublic, meaning there’s always something exotic to check out on their page. (Photo via @urbangardenersrepublic)

Edible Balcony

3. Edible Balcony: If there’s anyone who knows how to turn a small space into a delicious garden oasis, it’s Edible Balcony. Get ready for some tomato envy, everyone. (Photo via @ediblebalcony)

Let's All Go Botanical

4. Let’s Go All Botanical: This Instagram account is a collection of beautiful, urban botanical gardens found around the Internet — aka all the visual inspiration you need to make a gorgeous garden this spring. (Photo via @letsgoallbotanical)

Alphabetical Life

5. Alphabetical Life: Singapore-based Anton Javier is self-proclaimed “plant crazy,” and his Instagram is the proof in the pudding. From jaw-dropping house plants to watering and care tips that will blow your mind, prepare to spend at least 20 minutes of your life scrolling through the beautiful pics and reading his lengthy descriptions. (Photo via @alphabeticallife)

Garden Girl LA

6. Garden Girl LA: This seed and produce photographer based in sunny LA is on fire for urban gardening. Her posts are bright, colorful and — most importantly — super encouraging for all those newbie gardeners. You go, garden girl! (Photo via @gardengirl_la)

Garden Therapy

7. Garden Therapy: DIY garden blogger and author Stephanie Rose is telling the world how good a little time outdoors can be for you, even with a small backyard. Follow her Instagram for some much needed gardening therapy and beautiful urban garden inspiration. (Photo via @garden_therapy)


8. Geo-Fleur: With gorgeous new photos every day, Geo Fleur might just become an addiction for urban garden pinners. For the subscription box junkie, check out their popular Plant Post Club, a monthly subscription service for the urban gardener, featuring different plants and plant accessories each month. (Photo via @geo_fleur)

Bits Out The Back

9. Bits Out the Back: With some of his YouTube gardening videos garnering over 500,000 views, it’s pretty safe to say that Rob Bob’s backyard farming is Internet approved — as are the amazing urban garden harvest pics on his Instagram. (Photo via @bits_out_the_back)

Urban Farmstead

10. UrbanFarmstead: Based in sunny Sacramento, Kyle Hagerty and Morgan Daily share beautiful pics of all the amazing urban produce and greens they grow in this hip photog gallery. You’re welcome, in advance. (Photo via @urbanfarmstead)

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