Hello, lovelies! Irene here, Production Assistant at Brit + Co. It might not be a surprise to know that among my favorite things, chocolate, flowers, stuffed animals, rom coms and pink are on the top of the list. (Surprise, surprise right?) So when Valentine’s Day rolls around, I’m pretty much surrounded by my favorite things for at least a few weeks. I totally own my girly personality, but I do feel for the guys who might not share the same enthusiasm for pink, soft things as their S.O.’s probably would.

Fellow ladies, maybe this year we should give our guys a break from the overly girliness of Valentine’s Day (and save it for Galentine’s Day!). Today, we partnered with Studio Ink to put together a list of Valentine’s Day ideas that will make the day as special for him as it is for you. Let’s get started!


1. Make him dinner. We all know that real saying is “A way to *anyone’s* heart is through his stomach.” A classic February 14 guy move is to take his date to dinner. This year, let your guy relax a little in the evening and make him a homemade meal of his favorite food. Nothing is better than a home cooked meal, especially made by someone you care about. Not familiar with the kitchen? Try this easy red wine pasta recipe.


2. Find the perfect Valentine’s Day card. It’s not Valentine’s Day, unless you give actual Valentines. The tricky part is finding the perfect card to suit your guy’s personality. Your boyfriend or husband or “haven’t-yet-defined-our-relationship-guy” might be the sentimental type… or he might not be. A lot of Valentine’s Day cards are pretty lovey dovey, and if your man loves that, perfect! But if not, it might be tricky finding a card… enter Studio Ink! They have a great collection of Valentine’s Day cards, where some are sincere and romantic, some are playful and some don’t take themselves seriously. You’ll definitely find the card you need.


3. Go on a road trip. It’s a well-known fact that some of the best memories are made on road trips. Instead of going to a stuffy, overpriced restaurant for a Valentine’s Day dinner, celebrate your relationship by taking an epic drive. Either go to a place that is significant to the both of you or use the opportunity to mark a place off your bucket list. Be sure to pack his favorite snacks and compile a playlist of his favorite tunes.


4. Sign up for a mixology course. Knowing how to make a really good drink is — quite simply — a really good skill to know. Take your date to a mixology class this Valentine’s Day and spend the evening bringing out the inner bartenders in both of you.


5. Give him and his best friends a weekend adventure. Valentine’s Day is about you two, but your gift to him doesn’t have to be. Just as you need your time with your peeps, he needs time with his. Treat him and his best friends with a cool weekend activity, like skydiving classes or tickets to a comedy show.


5. Give him leather. This might be cliché, but leather is a great Valentine’s Day gift for everyone. Give him a leather watch strap, a tablet case or DIY your own leather goods — the sky’s the limit! Take our leatherworking online class for more inspo. :)


6. Plant a succulent garden together. Succulents are the perfect plants because they’re so easy to take care of. All you have to do is make sure they have a lot of sunlight and don’t water them too much. You’re actually *not* supposed to do a lot in order for them to thrive. So, if you and your S.O. are both challenged when it comes to gardening but still appreciate having greenery around your place, spend a few hours putting together a planter full of succulents together! You can even take our online succulent gardening class for more tips and tricks.


7. Make this DIY charging station. Keep his nightstand clutter organized by making him this charging station that doubles as a knickknack organizer.


Does 2017 call for the best Valentine’s Day ever? Yes, yes it does.

What other Valentine’s Day ideas for him do you have planned? Share your photos on Instagram using #britstagram.

Author: Irene Lee

This post is a collaboration with Studio Ink.