With the warm weather *finally* kicking into gear, spring produce is thriving — and so are we! It’s time to bid all of that heavy cold-weather comfort food adieu and dig into some crisp veggies and bright flavors. Though lettuce wraps have become a popular option for light and healthy eating, we’re voting to save the lettuce for your salads. It’s all about the collards, y’all. We’ve got 12 fulfilling collard wraps that boast the nutrients you need to sate your hunger and make you feel revitalized.

1. Purple Sweet Potato Collard Wraps With Cashew Honey Mustard: With smooth purple sweet potatoes, bright orange carrots, and roasted red peppers, these gems let you eat the rainbow. The flavor combo and the crunch of added cashews will have you munching this on the reg. (via Reclaiming Yesterday)

2. Hummus Collard Wraps: These vegan wraps are crisp, creamy, and everything dreamy. Collard greens tightly hug crunchy fresh vegetables and silky hummus for the ultimate meatless meal. (via Eating Bird Food)

3. Raw Korean BBQ Tacos: Wraps can totally be hearty without the addition of meat, thanks to the trusty portobello mushroom. These filling low-carb tacos pack punchy flavors with spicy kimchee and pickled ginger. (via Rachel Carr)

4. Chickpea Caesar Collard Wraps: Caesar salad has never looked *so* good. In this recipe, chickpeas are tossed in a homespun dressing for delicious and nutritious grab ‘n’ go nosh. (via Girl Adulting)

5. Black Bean Butternut Breakfast Burrito Collard Wraps: If you’re looking for a healthy way to kick-start your day, look no further. These collard wraps are brimming with scrambled eggs, roasted veggies, and a tasty black bean sauce for an extra hit of fiber. POW. (via Vitamin Sunshine)

6. Collard Wraps With Raw Curried Carrot Pâté: The warming flavors of curry and crunchy wholesome carrots make this wrap a crave-worthy one. The fun part is it’s totally versatile, so you can swap in some of your own ingredients and still come out with a winner. (via Ricki Heller)

7. Chickpea Artichoke Mediterranean Wrap: These collards wrap up all of the briny and tangy flavors of the Mediterranean that we love for a perfect lunch or light dinner. Chickpeas bring a healthy dose of protein that will fill you up and make you feel good. (via Peaceful Dumpling)

8. Thai Tempeh Collared Green Wraps: All of the flavors we love about Thai food curled up into a delicious wholesome wrap? Yes please! Serve it with a peanut sauce for plenty of dipping. (via Begin Within Nutrition)

9. Harissa Portobello Mushroom “Tacos”: Though meatless, these collard tacos are still pretty hefty with the addition of spiced-up portobello mushrooms. Topped with homemade guac and chopped tomatoes, they’ll easily become a weekly fave. (via Healthy Nibbles and Bits)

10. Curried Quinoa Pumpkin Vegan Collard Wraps: Healthy and energizing, these collard wraps are jammed with protein for a meal that will satisfy your hunger without weighing you down. And, if you love tasty condiments, you’ll adore the lime tahini sauce. (via Avocado Pesto)

11. Collard Hummus Wraps With Golden Beets and Sprouts: This is as simple as it gets. Silky hummus is slathered over collards, then adorned with quick-roasted beet noodles, creamy avocado, and refreshing sprouts for an earthy spring meal. (via Oh My Veggies)

12. Collard Green Spring Rolls With Sunbutter Dipping Sauce: These lean and mean spring rolls let you dig into one of your fave appetizers completely guilt-free. They’re full of healthful ingredients, like tofu and cabbage, and come with a mouth-watering Sunbutter sauce for obsessive dipping. (via Minimalist Baker)

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