While contemplating your dinner options on your drive home from work, coming up with something that is easy to put together, nourishing, and substantial can be tricky. Especially if you’re craving a change. You’ve exhausted yourself with lean green pasta recipes, and if you see another sheet pan dinner, you *might* scream. This is where our beloved spring roll comes in. You could go the deconstructed route and create spring roll bowls, but rolling them isn’t as hard as you think. These 13 recipes prove that it’s worth it.

blissful basil

1. Rainbow Summer Rolls With Chili Garlic Tofu: Okay, so they’re technically summer rolls, but same idea. Filled with glass noodles and served with a mouth-watering dipping sauce, these ethereal beauties are a fab dinner option. (via Blissful Basil)

the green life

2. Mango Spring Rolls With Pickled Shallot and Spicy Almond Butter Sauce: These fragrant rolls are the perfect way to sate your hunger and tickle your tastebuds. You can eat them on their own, but we highly encourage dunking them into that scrumptious almond butter sauce. (via The Green life)

sunday morning banana pancakes

3. Sweet and Sour Tofu Spring Rolls: Tofu lovers, get excited! These vibrant spring rolls bring your fave vegetarian protein to the table and are neatly rolled up with a rainbow of veggies. (via Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes)

4. Mostly Raw Pad Thai Spring Rolls: Rich peanut-y flavors paired with bright bursts of citrus make it happen in these rolls. With every single bite, you get to enjoy the essence of Pad Thai in a light and refreshing form. (via A Beautiful Mess)

the movement menu

5. Vegetable Spring Rolls: These herbaceous gems are a cinch to roll up. They also don’t take long to make, so you can spend less time preparing and more time eating. We dig it. (via The Movement Menu)

jessican in the kitchen

6. Fresh Spring Rolls With Peanut Ginger Sauce: There is just *something* about the combination of peanut and ginger that is knock-your-socks-off delicious. This option is vegan and GF, so it will please any and every crowd. (via Jessica in the Kitchen)

7. Rainbow Spring Rolls: All of your fave crisp veggies are julienned and rolled into one tender sheet of rice paper. As if that wasn’t tempting enough, a punchy peanut sauce is served on the side. Pinch us. (via Clemfoodie)

produce on parade

8. Fresh Thai Pesto and Purple Cabbage Spring Rolls: These rolls are jam-packed with so much flavor that they don’t even need a dipping sauce. Bold move? Maybe — but judging by appearance, it seems justified. (via Produce on Parade)

9. Vegan Summer Rolls With Peanut Dip: This recipe keeps things pretty simple with carrots, mushrooms, and greens. Even the dipping sauce only calls for four ingredients, making these the perfect impromptu rolls for when the craving hits! (via Cake and Beans)

yup its vegan

10. Rainbow Carrot Ginger Hummus Spring Rolls: It’s not often you come across a spring roll slathered with hummus, but this ginger hummus just makes so much sense. We’re into it, and we think you will be too. (via Yup.. It’s Vegan!)

le petit oeuf

11. Vietnamese Tofu Summer Rolls: This recipe brings a hint of smokiness to your plate, thanks to the addition of smoked tofu. Though they’re ridiculously easy to make, these rolls will wow anyone you serve them to. (via Le Petit Oeuf)

thirsty for tea

12. Rainbow Spring Rolls: What better way to put spring produce to use than to roll them up into spring rolls? These bad boys bring asparagus to the mix for an extra crunch. (via Thirsty for Tea)

the true spoon

13. Spicy Cilantro Spring Rolls: If your love for cilantro knows no bounds, you need these spring rolls in your life. They’re rolled with cool cucumbers and pea crisps, and are addicting AF. (via The True Spoon)

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