The glassware equivalent of the mullet (party in the back, business in the front), these Wine Shot Glasses are just what you need to turn the beat around at your next soiree. In fact, we're confused as to why these aren't standard issue in liquor and glassware cabinets the world over.

Start your party off with a classy round of wine or cocktails. Sip casually as you discuss current events, business, and the latest show at the Met. When it's time to kick things up a notch, gather everyone around, chug whatever wine you've got left, grab some tequila, and turn those glasses upside down! Recommended soundtrack? The Black Keys (with wine) followed by Girl Talk and LMFAO (with shots).


– 4 plastic glasses (we used plastic tumblers from Target)

– 4 shot glasses (dollar store-d it up for these!)

– clear hardware glue or epoxy (we used Beacon Multi-Grip)

First, get all of your materials ready. For us, this meant taking off the labels and giving everything a good wash. For the glasses, you could easily use promotional glasses you've received or just buy an inexpensive set. We went with plastic because we felt it would be lighter on top, and wide enough to be sturdy on the bottom. These would be a great thing to look for at a thrift shop so you can get a little mix and match action going. For the shot glasses, they're easy enough to find at a dollar store but we love the idea of repurposing all those souvenir shot glasses we've picked up along the way.

Apply a thin but full-coverage layer of glue to the bottom rim of the shot glass.

Press the bottom of the shot glass to the bottom center of the regular glass, and hold for 1 minute. Use a toothpick or popsicle stick to clean up any glue that oozes out.

It’s best to let them set overnight, so it’s a good Thursday night DIY in preparation for party time. Pair these glasses with a dozen snacks on a stick, and a well-planned party, and you'll instantly be the hostess (or host!) with the mostest.

How do you get creative when you're hosting a cocktail party? Got any party planning problems that need solving? Leave us a note in the comments below or send questions to Ask Brit.