We鈥檙e used to tracking the calories we consume to reboot our system after we鈥檝e made our Fuelbands/Jawbones/FitBits work just as hard as we did. But once we鈥檝e downed those goji berry power snacks, it seems the next craving creeping up is thirst, and that鈥檚 an area that falls short on mindful monitoring. We know to keep up with the whole eight glasses of water a day thing, but what happens when your two cups of coffee + two Diet Cokes + one glass of wine are a part of the picture? That鈥檚 when this brand-new device comes into play, and it will soon be as invaluable to your daily drink routine as fitness trackers are to your workout plans.

Vessyl is a smart tumbler equipped with a sensor that can automatically identify any liquid poured inside of it to track what you鈥檙e drinking in real-time. Like a high-tech taste test, Vessyl doesn鈥檛 just differentiate between what brand of kombucha or coconut water you鈥檙e consuming, but it can also detect its calories, protein, sugar and even caffeine content so that you can monitor and regulate the revelation that is your liquid intake.

Seven years in the making, the sleek device was meticulously designed to be user-friendliest. Once you pour your poison and tip it upward, Vessyl displays its nutritional information along the faceted LED screen on the front side of the cup in roughly five seconds (whoa!). The display, like its companion smartphone app, are completely customizable, making it easy to monitor whatever matters to you, like if your post-workout smoothie contains just the right amount of protein or if the whole milk in your daily latte is the trigger of your weight loss woes (easy fix = almond milk next time!). Vessyl also keeps track of your hydration levels with its Pryme technology to make sure you鈥檙e not only meeting your basic hydration needs, but hydrating smartly.

Designed in collaboration with SF-based startup Mark One and the creative minds behind other techy must-haves Jambox and the already mentioned Jawbone, the 13-ounce smart cup is seriously impressing leading engineers + innovators (including B+C founder Brit) with its wealth of slick features. It touts a spill-proof swivel lid + non-stick interior, a wireless 鈥渃oaster鈥 charger for easy countertop re-booting (after five to seven days of on-the-go use) and the ability to sync to your fave fitness trackers, which brings the whole thing full circle. Compliments like 鈥渞evolutionary鈥 and 鈥渢he most beautiful beverage container I have ever seen in my life鈥 roll so easily off the tongue in the three-minute video below that it鈥檚 making US more eager than ever to get our hands on one. Early adopters can pre-order Vessyl for $99 (normally $199), which is slated to ship early next year 鈥 maybe Vessyl will finally help us keep our fitness-based New Year鈥檚 Resolutions on track.

We really want to say that Vessyl will change the way you drink forever, but it won鈥檛. It鈥檚 as seamless as gadgets get: You don鈥檛 have to make any adjustments to your beverage routine. Just pour like before to intelligently quench your thirst. And according to Mark One co-founder + CEO Justin Lee, 鈥渢his is just the beginning.鈥 Imagine: The future of activity trackers 鈥> meticulously breaking down every drop we sip, every bite we consume so we can easily keep track of our diets while we never even notice. Our eyes are closed, and we totally see it, along with a slew of other 3.0 kitchen gadgets and a fitter future self.

What are your thoughts on Vessyl? Are you eager to get your hands on this revolutionary activity tracker? Tell us how you鈥檇 use it in the comments below.