Question for today: on 11/11, can you just make wishes whenever you please? #DeepThoughts While we ponder that, read through some of the news we’re clicking on this AM including Google’s efforts to provide jobs for our veterans, Elon Musk’s efforts to provide Internet in Space and Pizza Hut’s efforts to get you and the rest of the hip kids to eat their ‘za.

1. Google Is Honoring Veterans Today: Naturally, today’s Google Doodle is a h/t to Veterans Day, but also features something else that’s even cooler (and what’s cooler than a good Google Doodle?!) — an invitation to veterans to join Google’s team. See, we told you it was cooler.

2. Kids Don’t Know How to Use Real Cameras: Watching these whippersnappers try to snap a selfie with an old camera will make you utter the inevitable “I’m old” until you realize that it would probably take you a beat too. Right? (via TheFineBros)

3. Elon Musk Is Building Internet Satellites: The Tesla CEO confirmed via Twitter that his company SpaceX is developing micro-satellites that could (eventually) provide cheap, fast Internet. (via Wired)

4. These Friends Are Halfway to Making a Zombie Movie on Kickstarter: We’re always on the lookout for kids doing big, creative, awesome things and were pretty excited to click across this duo of teenage dudes trying to produce their own zombie movie through crowdfunding. With just a smidge over a week left to hit their goal, we thought we’d share Sam and Mattie’s story. (h/t Buzzfeed)

5. Winter Is Coming/Here: All thanks to an Arctic Blast that blew through on Monday, and these pix prove it. :'( (via Time)

6. Pizza Hut Sriracha Pizza Exists: We haven’t kept our love affair with Sriracha secret and now the big guys are using it to try and lure us to their fast food establishments. The Hut is totally rebranding with some new, ahem, “hipper” pies on the menu, including Sweet Sriracha Dynamite and Pretzel Piggy. Eh, we’d try ’em. (via Eater)

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