Fall is our favorite season for a few reasons. It heralds the return of everything pumpkin spice, but it’s also the time for the MTV Video Music Awards. In fact, they’re THIS SUNDAY! That means plenty of inspiration for some great last minute costumes. Whether you loved Miley’s foam hand/tan bodysuit combo, or if you want to dig back into the archives for a timeless look, we’ve got a roundup of the 20 outfits worth imitating. We’re sure they’ll be a hit.

1. Miley Cyrus, 2013: No one could forget this infamous outfit, and not just because it only happened a year ago. Miley inspired a massive movement of teddy-bear swimsuit inspired costumes, complete with hair nubbins. You’ve got to give the girl some credit for pulling it off. If you’re willing to go for it (and didn’t already do it last year), make sure you add lots of sparkles to your suit and work on your best dance moves. (via Hannah Montana Wiki)

2. Britney Spears, 2001: We definitely don’t recommend getting a six-foot long boa constrictor for your next costume party, but Britney definitely gets some street credit for rocking this look, live snake and all. You can pull it off with a crop top, plenty of sparkly stickers, and a feather boa for the same effect. Or if you really want to freak out your friends, get a life-size plastic snake and drape it around your neck. Be prepared for everyone to come up and ask you if it’s real. Not into the snake look? See these 10 animated reasons why Britney is our soul sister on the dance floor. (via Ryan Seacrest)

3. Gwen Stefani, 1998: Props to Gwen for color coordinating her hair, outfit, and body jewelry. Add some colorful fur to your cutest bikini top, try out some hair chalk in a matching color, and then break out the bedazzler. This costume will probably take a little more time and planning than the others in our list, but we think the hard work will definitely pay off. (via Gwen Stefani.RU)

4. Nicki Minaj, 2011: Quite honestly, we’re gonna let you ladies figure out how to best imitate this intricate look for your Halloween costume. Complete with knee high socks, a geometric 3D dress, giant candy cone necklace, and neon colored face-mask (not to mention that beehive hairdo), Nicki wows us with her commitment to the freakishly awesome. Pick and choose elements from her look to create a costume that’s all your own. (via Huffington Post)

5. Destiny’s Child, 2001: Before Beyoncé, there was Destiny’s Child, and they did not benefit from Queen Bey’s fashion sense at the time. Still, if you’re going for laughs and a nod to the past, grab your girlfriends and break out the scissors. We recommend buying matching cheap orange dresses, spray painting some costume jewelry, and digging those pleather boots from your closet. Add as much fringe to the sleeves and bottom as you like, the more the better! And who knows, maybe this trio will reunite this Sunday once again? (via Billboard)

6. Lady Gaga, 2009: It was a challenge to pick the craziest Gaga look from the VMAs. But we think we hit the nail on the lace-covered head with this one. The lacy body suit is macabre in a classy way, and of course, we love the foot-tall crown. Take any lace dress you have in your closet, and pick up some matching fabric from a craft store to make the crown and face mask. And yes, it’s okay if you need to cut eye-holes — not everyone can pull of the Gaga strut while blind. (via Popdust)

7. Christina Aguilera, 2003: Back in the good old days when you constantly argued with friends over X’Tina vs. Britney, the dark-haired vixen wowed us all with this feathery dress. Sure, it might make most of us think of a hot pink peacock, but hey, Halloween is all about self-expression right? Break out the brightest feathers you can find in your favorite color, stick them to your dress, and pile your hair on top of your head for a similar vibe. Pair with long dangly earrings and people will be begging you to “Come On Over.” (via NY Daily News)

8. TLC, 1999: These girls definitely knew how to rock the sequins and sparkles. Get inspired and encourage your friends to go all out with matching bikini and pants suits. If you have a way to modernize this look, please tell us. We love how gloriously ‘90s it is. (via Billboard)

9. Katy Perry, 2011: Another inspiring look from Ms. Perry! Besides that adorable pink hair, we love the subtle exotic look that’s just sexy enough to be classy, not trashy. Pair with some strappy heels, an umbrella and a bubbly girls-rule attitude to make the look complete. (via MTV)

10. Kanye and Taylor, 2009: We’re gonna let you finish, but first, we gotta say how hilariously awesome this look would be for a couples costume. That white sequin dress has become an icon, and we know you can pull off walking around a party looking totally surprised all night. Top it off with a red pout and a fake astronaut award. Your partner can bring the blackout shades and the attitude. (via Mashable)

11. Britney, Madonna and Christina, 2003: Most people remember this performance for the famous kiss that had the world gasping. But we think the overall look is a stunner, if a little cheesy. Get your gals together, try not to fight over who gets to wear the top hat, and make sure you plan an entrance that will have people talking for years. (via Spearleaders)

12. Beyoncé, 2011: Don’t worry moms-to-be! We’ve got a VMA inspired look just for you, from none other than the queen herself. When Beyoncé emerged on the stage looking pregnant and fabulous, the world quickly became obsessed with sequined blazers and high-waisted pants. We don’t blame them. This costume is not only sexy, it looks super comfortable too! (via Ella Hoy)

13. Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy, 2000: Who could forget about JLo’s string of men from the early ‘90s into the new millennium? She made quite an entrance with Sean “Diddy” Combs at the 2000 VMAs, coordinating her outfit with his long white tee. This look is a great, simple, last minute costume idea, and if you’re trying to get your man to participate, we bet he’ll be willing to throw on a baseball cap and t-shirt even for you. (via GlobalGrind)

14. Lady Gaga, 2010: Okay okay, we had to include another Gaga moment. I mean, the meat dress? How could we not?! (via Just Jared)

15. Jessie J, 2011: Miss J is a total rock star, and not just because of her chart topping hits. When she injured herself just before the VMAs, she picked herself up, put on a bedazzled hospital boot, and hit the red carpet. For any of you ladies who have the misfortune of getting injured before Halloween, take a cue from Jessie’s book and don’t let it keep you from having fun. All you need are plenty of sequins, some glue, and a friend to drive you to the party. (via Digital Spy)

16. Spice Girls, 1997: For any girl who grew up in the ‘90s, you know this look is the quintessential fallback for any group of gals. It’s classic, iconic, and will have everyone reminiscing about middle school crushes, fashions, and trends. Just make sure you don’t argue about who gets to be Baby Spice; that’s the kind of feud that breaks friendships. (via Tuxboard)

17. Cher, 2010: If you’re as confident as Cher by the time you’re her age, kudos to you. We’re not sure we’d ever feel comfortable in this strappy, see-through, sequined extravaganza. But then again, we’re not Cher. Top off the look with a leather jacket and some crazy voluminous hair. Keep makeup a little subdued to balance out all the attitude. (via Cher World)

18. Rihanna, 2010: Rihanna always amazes us with her high fashion looks that still manage to be fun and playful. Take this white ensemble, foreshadowing the crop top and high waist skirt trend that’s been tearing up fashion blogs this summer. Add a bright red wig, or go all out and dye your hair the fiery hue you’ve always wanted. Then top with a sequin headband and prepare to have all eyes on you. (via MTV)

19. Missy Elliot, 2006: Missy is the reigning queen of hip hop for a reason. She knows how to make an entrance without caring one bit what people think. Want to ride into your party with the same style? We think the easiest way to get this look is to put on a trash bag, find that old princess car you drive around as a toddler, and roll in with as much swag as you can muster. (via Buzznet)

20. Madonna as Marie Antoinette, 1990: And finally, one more look from Madonna. This is perhaps the MOST iconic VMA look and set the tone for all the outrageous performances we’ve come to expect. (via MSQ Gallery)

Did we miss any crucial VMA looks that would make a great costume? Have you pulled off one of these styles before? Let us know by giving us a shout on Twitter @britandco.