This is an important year for voters. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s that little thing called the American presidential election, but 2016 is now also the year that you can vote for your favorite emoji to join the keyboard. Huzzah!


Thanks to a new feature in the Emoji> app, you can see all the emoji that are up for consideration by the Unicode Consortium and vote for your favorite to be added. If you don’t feel like downloading a new app, you can also head over directly to their website to cast your ballot.

So far, voters have requested over 177,000 new emoji and we want them all to appear. Currently on the leader board are a “shhhh” quiet emoji and the crossed fingers. (NEED THEM NOW, PLEASE!) There are also some more obscure suggestions like a censored swearing emoji face and green sludge vomit emoji.

Voters will need to link up their Facebook accounts to vote on the new emoji. Although, it’s important to bear in mind that just because you vote for a new emoji doesn’t mean it will be elected. The Unicode Consortium is not a democracy, after all.

Which emoji are you voting for? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t 9-to-5 Mac)