If you love waffles, then you probably have a waffle iron somewhere in your kitchen. The sad part is that it probably only comes out about once a month (maybe more if you’re a waffle addict) for that big waffle- and-bacon breakfast. It’s time to open your imagination and see all the wonderful hacks your little appliance can create. From pizza to cookies to polenta, these 15 recipes will blow your waffle-lovin’ mind.

pizza dough

1. Waffled Pizza: Pizza dough should always be crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. A waffle iron will get you there no problem. (via Will It Waffle?)


2. Brownies: Brownie waffles? We just can’t even. (via French Press)

mac n cheese

3. Mac and Cheese: After finding this recipe, we can guarantee that there will be no more moldy mac and cheese leftovers in the back of our fridge. (via Will It Waffle?)


4. Hash Browns: Fried batter isn’t the only thing to serve at breakfast. These crispy potatoes will make a nice savory change. (via Babble)

baked apples

5. Baked Apples: Here’s a delicious autumn treat that’s ready in a minute, literally. Just add a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar and you’re all set. (via Cupcake Project)


6. Waffled Polenta: Whether it’s under some wintertime veggies or drizzled in maple syrup, this super easy way to cook polenta will have you hooked. (via Julie’s Jazz)

carrot cake

7. Carrot Cake: If you needed an excuse to put icing on waffles, here it is. (via Food Network)


8. Soft Pretzels: You could win an award for making your own pretzel dough, but there’s nothing wrong with the store-bought, waffle-iron-cooked kind. (via Will It Waffle?)

banana bread

9. Banana Bread: This will satisfy your banana bread cravings in a flash. The best part? You can eat them on your way to work. (via I Heart Eating)

sugar cookies

10. Sugar Cookies: If we’re pouring batter and other kinds of dough into our waffle irons, why not use cookie dough too? (via The Blonde Buckeye)

winter squash

11. Winter Squash: While winter squash may not be the first thing you’d turn to for a waffle iron hack, the chipotle maple glaze will totally make it your business. (via Apron Strings)

apple fritters

12. Apple Fritter Donuts: Apple fritters plus waffles plus donuts. Could there be a better combination? (via Completely Delicious)

cinnamon rolls

13. Cinnamon Rolls: Turn off your oven and flip on your waffle iron. You’re gonna want to try this new way to make cinnamon rolls, STAT. (via My Cup is Full)


14. Waffleburgers: We have dubbed this recipe the epitome of waffling. Seriously. (via Will It Waffle?)

mashed potatoes

15. Mashed Potaffles: You’re going to want to bookmark this recipe for next Thanksgiving, or make mashed potatoes just for the occasion. (via Simple Roots Wellness)

Do you have any secret waffle iron recipes? We’d love to hear about them below!