Remember the slogan “L’eggo my Eggo?” We’ve got many a reason to bring it back — except this time, there’s no toaster involved. Instead, we’re showing you how to make 42 homemade waffles that will make you never want to skip breakfast again. These Belgian bites resemble your favorite desserts (from cake to pie to ice cream), the best flavors of fall (pumpkin and apple, anyone?), and some are even healthy (think: gluten-free and veggie-packed). (Waffle) batter up!

1. Best Waffles: Start simple — and only with the best (it’s in the name, after all). (via Complete Recipes)

2. Waffles with Berry Syrup: When you’ve got the “best” waffles down pat, make a new batch and top with a sweet fruit compote. (via Somewhat Simple)

3. Funfetti Waffles: From cupcakes to fudge and even popcorn and martinis, Funfetti makes everything — wait for it — more fun. That’s why we’re making our next batch of waffles with colorful sprinkles galore. (via Krissy’s Creations)

4. Bacon and Beer Waffle Cake: Got a dude in the house with an appetite that won’t quit? Serve him up one of these and pair it with a pint of brew. (via Brit + Co)

5. Maple Bacon Ice Cream Sandwiches: If you’ve never tried bacon and ice cream together, now is the time. Especially when a waffle is involved. (via Brit + Co)

6. Ice Cream Waffle Tacos: News flash: tacos aren’t just for dinner. Another ice cream-waffle combo to add to your must-try list, these frozen waffle treats take the Choco Taco to a whole new — and homemade and flavorful — level. (via Dreyer’s)

7. Lemon Meringue Pie Stuffed Waffles: Can’t decide between the lemon meringue pie and the buttermilk waffle? Eat them both! (via Cooking Classy)

8. Cinnamon French Toast Waffle Dunkers: They’re mini. They’re whole wheat. They’re sweet. They’re decadent. You can eat them with your hands. (via Half Baked Harvest)

9. Blood Orange Waffle Donuts: Waffles + donuts = wonuts. And we’re saying WO to these tarty sweet delectables. (via Dula Notes)

10. Apple Cider Waffles: Apple cider is one of the ultimate flavors of fall. So enjoy its sweet fruity spice at every meal, including breakfast. (via Add A Pinch)

11. Cider Pumpkin Waffles: So we just named apple cider an ultimate flavor of fall. Now for another declaration: These cider pumpkin treats are THE waffles of the season. They are drenched in toasted pecan butter, cider syrup and spiced apples. (via Half Baked Harvest)

12. 30-Minute Triple Decker Fudgy Chocolate Waffle Pie: Let’s say that one more time: 30-minute triple decker fudgy chocolate waffle pie. (via Chelsea’s Messy Apron)

13. Vanilla Bean Waffle Donuts: WO! Does anyone else want to play tic-tac-toe inside these sweet vanilla bean waffle donuts? Pro Tip: Use chocolate chips and berries in place of the X’s and O’s. (via Sweet Treats)

14. Jam-Filled Waffle Pops: Because who doesn’t want to eat a waffle on a stick? It’s like a popsicle that won’t melt. (via Sweet C’s Designs)

15. Nutella Sandwich Cookies: Can we get away with eating these for our next lunch? They’re sandwiches, after all. (via Just A Taste)

16. Gluten-Free Waffles: Gluten-intolerants, rejoice! You can have your waffles and eat them, too. (via Garden Therapy)

17. Sweet Potato Waffles: Finished with your decadent waffle breakfast? Use your waffle iron to make sweet potato latkes for dinner. (via Nom Nom Paleo)

18. Orange Thyme Waffles: Are you ready for a savory flavor explosion? Combine the citrusy zing of orange with the soft spice of thyme, then serve with creamy mascarpone and fresh fruit. You won’t be sorry. (via Anthropologie Blog)

19. Waffle Cones: After tasting your homemade waffle cones, we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to open an ice cream parlor. (via Design Love Fest)

20. Waffle + Berry Kabobs: Another genius waffle-on-a-stick idea, only this one has a healthier twist. Layer mini waffle bites with fresh berries for a fun breakfast kabob. (via Design Eat Repeat)

21. Macadamia Waffles: Sweet. Nutty. Fruity. Decadent. And grain-free? We’re intrigued and our mouths are watering. (via Against All Grain)

22. Dark Chocolate Zucchini Cake: Can candles be pushed inside a cooked waffle? Because we really want this to be our next birthday cake. Especially because we’ll also get a helping of vegetables. (via The Candid Appetite)

23. Waffle Wedges: Looking for a sweet finger food for your next dinner party? Well we just found it for you. You’re welcome. (via Sugar Swings)

24. Waffled Apples: We also found the healthiest waffles ever. And we bet these ap-fles (see what we did there?) are as juicy as they are sweet. (via Cupcake Project)

25. Red Velvet Waffles: Ever wondered how to justify eating a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting for breakfast? We have too. Until now. (via Sarah Hearts)

26. Cinnamon Roll Waffles: These cinnamon roll waffles will melt in your mouth and put you into a serious sugar coma. (via Little Bit Funky)

27. Waffled Banana Bread: No need to toast your banana bread when you waffle it to perfection. We wonder what other breads we should waffle next. (via Parade)

28. Apple Fritter Waffle Doughnuts: These sweet dunkables will go great with your morning cup of coffee. (via Completely Delicious)

29. S’more Waffles: You are DEFINITELY going to want some more of these. (via Pillsbury)

30. Sprinkled Waffle Donuts: Chocolate-covered waffle donuts with rainbow sprinkles bring us back to our childhood trips to the coffee shop with our parents. And they are the real deal. Seriously. (via Deliciously Yum)

31. Waffle French Toast: Someone has to take brunch to the next level. Shouldn’t it be you? (via Eat Cake for Dinner)

32. Cinnamon Vanilla Dippers: Dip ’em in syrup. Dip ’em in coffee or tea. Dip ’em in a bowl of super soft ice cream. The possibilities are endless. (via The Domestic Rebel)

33. Blueberry Cake Waffles: These aren’t just fruity waffles. They are fruity CAKE waffles. Also, blueberries have antioxidants. Need we say more? (via The Baker Mama)

34. Flat Pumpkin Waffles: Flat bagels have become a thing. Now it’s time for the flat waffle — not to be confused with the falafel. (via Betty Crocker)

35. Chocolate Marble Waffles: Chocolate. Vanilla. Fresh strawberries. This must be breakfast’s version of the Neopolitan. (via Eat the Love)

36. Pizelle: It may not look like a waffle, but it is. And it’s Italian. And it’s a cookie. That’s amore. (via Kitchen Confidante)

37. Pumpkin Spice Latte Waffles: You know what would be a genius idea? Eating these with an actual pumpkin spice latte. And then when the PSL goes out of season, you won’t have to wait a whole year to have it again: enjoy the flavor whenever you want in the form of a homemade waffle. (via Freut Cake)

38. Apple Cinnamon Waffles: Calling all vegans! These delicious apple cinnamon waffles are for you. (via Vegetarian Gastronomy)

39. Carrot Cake Waffles: Another genius cake alternative. And we firmly believe that because it has carrots, it’s healthy. (via Making Thyme for Health)

40. Peanut Butter + Strawberry Jelly Compote Waffles: Can we call this a PBJW? Yeah? Great. We’ll have a PBJW. (via Jessica in the Kitchen)

41. Cornmeal Honey Waffles: What’s sweeter than honey? Not much. Except maybe these honey waffles, which come with a side of whipped honey butter. (via My California Roots)

42. Buttermilk Caramel Syrup: And if maple syrup’s not your thing or your taste buds are just looking for a change, douse your waffles with buttermilk and caramel. (via PinLaVie)

Mouths watering yet? Do you have a favorite waffle recipe? Tell us below!