When your alarm starts buzzing at 7AM and it’s just too cold to get out from under the covers (we’ve ALL been there), the last thing you want is a cold smoothie for breakfast. What’s a girl to do when that seems like the only quick and healthy breakfast option and it’s absolutely freezing outside? Go for a warm smoothie instead. Seriously! While you recover from that epic bombshell, take a look at these nine warm smoothies that will warm you from the inside out and change the way you have breakfast during winter forever.


1. White Chocolate Coconut Cashew Hot Smoothie: Starting Monday morning with a smoothie that tastes sinful but is FULL of amazing energy-boosting ingredients is the perfect way to kick your week off right. It’s hard not to fall in love with the white chocolate, coconut milk and cashews that give the smoothie its creamy texture. (via Craftberry Bush)


2. Orange Carrot and Ginger Hot Smoothie: If getting out of bed in the morning isn’t your strong suit (you know who you are), then this bright and vitamin-filled smoothie will help lure you from your slumber. The combination of oranges, carrot and ginger make this the quickest way to a #healthystart this morning. (via Kitchen Sanctuary)


3. Hot Apple Pie Green Smoothie: Thank goodness the green smoothie trend isn’t going away any time soon. Switch up your go-to recipe with this version that tastes like a slice of warm apple pie. It works best with a sweet apple like Honey Crisp, but your favorite varietal is fine too. (via Back To The Book Nutrition)


4. Cranberry Apple Hot Smoothie: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Blend your apple with warm water, dried cranberries and cinnamon and you’re setting yourself up for a nutritious day. The cinnamon and ginger in this smoothie give it a potent kick that you won’t forget. (via Kitchen Sanctuary)

Two specialty tea latte beverages of chai and matcha teas

5. Hot Vanilla Chai Latte Smoothie: Replace your everyday chai latte with this hot smoothie that doubles as your energy-boosting morning pick-me-up. Although the yerba mate or matcha powder are optional, they’ll add some caffeine that you might need if you’re looking to switch out smoothies for your regular cup of coffee. (via Gluten Free Foodies)

hot chocolate protein shake

6. Hot Chocolate Protein Shake: When your morning starts out with an intense spin class, your best best is to reach for a warm protein shake… preferably one that tastes like hot chocolate. Don’t be afraid of the addition of egg in this one; it will provide an extra boost of protein and give the smoothie a fun frothy quality. (via Always Order Dessert)


7. Oaty Mocha Hot Smoothie: Adding oats to your morning smoothie is a great way to give it some extra heartiness to keep you full all day long.This one tastes like your favorite Starbucks order (thanks to a shot of espresso), which is always a win in our book. (via Kitchen Sanctuary)

hot cinnamon apple smoothie

8. Hot Cinnamon Apple Smoothie: If you haven’t tried adding raisins to your smoothie for extra sweetness, what are you waiting for? This recipe comes together with just a few key ingredients that result in a creamy and comforting cinnamon apple smoothie in no time flat. Yes please! (via Clean Cuisine)


9. Apple Cider Smoothie: If you like to start your day with a tangy glass of warm lemon water then this is the smoothie for you. Make sure you are adding in any supplements (like fish oil) after warming so they don’t lose their potency. It’s the perfect way to detox. (via Jesse Lane Wellness)

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