Water, water, everywhere — especially on our Instagram feeds. With summer travel in full (and sunny) swing, we’re wanting to splish, splash the day away. Who’s with us? But we’re not talking about epic pool parties; we have a case of around-the-world water wanderlust. Lucky for us, we’re not the only ones. Check out these 15 water-lovin’ Instagrams whose snaps score lots of double taps.

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1. @scubapro: Being a professional scuba diver sounds like the best job ever. Live vicariously through these deep-diving pros with this account that’s filled with amazing shark snaps, shipwrecks and everything else under the sea.

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2. @corey_wilson: When you’re a professional photographer for a popular surfing magazine, you know you’ll have a big following on Instagram. Corey Wilson’s photos capture the true art of surfing and the laid-back vibe of the culture.


3. @cillajohnson: She has the selfie stick snaps on lock, and we’re totally jealous because ours never look that good. This adventure-seeker practically lives in the water, and you’ll get front-row views of her underwater shots and surfboard snaps. Seriously, we want her life.


4. @run2themountains: This stay-at-home mom-turned-nature-lovin’ photographer has us in awe of her feed that’s filled with gorgeous pics that would please Mother Nature herself.

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5. @cdimitrius: Shark Week has nothin’ on Cristian Dimitrius. This Emmy-winning cinematographer and photographer is wild at heart and captures underwater pics like nobody else could. Dive in, ’cause his Instagram account is breathtaking.


6. @alexstrohl: Looking for shot after shot of OMG mountains, lakes and… anything else in this big, beautiful world? Alex Strohl’s account is the destination for you. This adventure photographer makes us want to travel to every place he snaps.


7. @chrisburkard: From TED talks to gorgeous waves shots found within the pages of surf magazines, Chris Burkard is proof you can do anything you put your mind to. After all, he taught himself the art of photography. ‘Nough said.


8. @clarklittle: It’s a #fact that Hawaii is the ultimate playground for any water lover. Clark Little submerges himself, literally, in said playground to capture candid wave and wildlife shots. Even Starbucks is a fan, featuring some of his gorgeous work in their Hawaiian locations.

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9. @waterlust: This environmental organization’s goal is to get everyone to think about the impact water has on them. Something to definitely think about as you scroll through all the incredible ocean pics on their feed.

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10. @oceanconservancy: Doing good for the environment never looked so good. Ocean Conservancy is a nonprofit advocacy group dedicated to fighting the numerous threats to the oceans around the world. Their Instagram account shows the beautiful things they are fighting for (and then some).

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11. @beau_johnston_photography: Capturing the power of the world’s waves seems like a difficult task, but Beau Johnston nails it every single time. Strong currents appear graceful, intense waves look totally surfable and his pics prove that no two waves are alike.

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12. @noaa: This is the official Instagram of U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. That’s definitely a mouthful, but their feed is an eyeful of adorable wildlife shots.

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13. @tiffpenguin: Life is one beautiful, water-filled adventure for this Instragrammin’ gal. She manages to find the most breathtaking, seemingly deserted places in the world and make you feel like you’re right there with her. What a good friend.

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14. @ravenreviews: This Bay Area-based Instagrammer travels near and far to bring the nature to you. Follow her journey and let the wanderlust settle in.


15. @kirstinscholtz: A senior photographer at the World Surf League, this gal has a ‘gram that will feed your dream of becoming a surfer without having to practice for hours and hours a day.

Which Instagram account has the best water shots around? Tell us in the comments below.