With a busy weekend behind us and the promise of a chill weekend ahead, we vote you use your weekly down time to get making. With Halloween just two weeks away, it鈥檚 getting to be costume crunch time. Whether you鈥檙e in need of a clever costume idea or a fun element to add to your autumn dinner party, here are 10聽weekend聽projects to make before Monday鈥檚 return.


1. Bat Flats: Here鈥檚 the perfect way to rock some Halloween spirit if you鈥檙e not into a full-blown costume. To make these little bats a temporary addition to your favorite pair of shoes, combine this tutorial with this one from Lovely Indeed. (via Damask Love)


2. Catwoman Costume 5 Ways: Whether you鈥檙e more into a vintage vibe or you鈥檙e looking for a super last-minute look, here are five ways to rock the classic cat girl costume. (via Brit + Co)


3. Magazine Rack: Get those old magazines off the floor with this quick project that鈥檚 perfect for beginning woodworkers. (via Passion Shake)


4. Stoop Cat Pumpkin: Skip the classic Jack-o-lantern this year and opt for this little kitty instead. (via Brit + Co)


5. Paper Bag Books: Grab the kiddos or your BFFs to make mini books from an old paper bag. Turn it into some flip art, a mini zine or basically anything you want. (via PBS)


6. Gilded Watercolor Cake: You guys, this is basically a work of art you can eat. With some fondant, gel food coloring and edible gold foil, you can totally copy this sweet stunner. (via Brit + Co)


7. Cement Handle Holders: Use one of those cheap, plastic mini pumpkins as a mold for these minimal yet festive pieces of decor. (via Oleander and Palm)


8. Balloon Menu: For this weekend鈥檚 sori茅e or dinner party, ditch the chalkboard sign and instead write the night鈥檚 menu on a balloon! (via The Merrythought)


9. Gumball Machine Pumpkin: Skip the carving this Halloween season and instead opt for a fun, less-messy option. If you want an idea that you can also snack on, follow this recipe that uses tape to attach gumballs to a mini pumpkin. (via Studio DIY)


10. Halloween Costumes for Redheads: Use that red hair to your advantage this year by channeling a few of our favorite people and characters who are sporting the same shade. (via Brit + Co)

Do you have any projects planned for the weekend? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.