If you couldn’t tell by the countless Halloween costume ideas for yourself, group costumes and even dog costumes, Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. Costumes have been on our mind since July, but don’t worry — we haven’t forgotten about what to do with all those pumpkins! We saw this cat pumpkin design on Pinterest by Sheila Schmitz and knew we had to give it a try. Make a few of these black cats to line your stoop and don’t be afraid to mix in some no-carve pumpkins as well!


Materials + Tools:

– 1 large, 1 medium and 1 small pumpkin

– carving knives

– black spray paint

– black paper

– hot glue gun

– scissors



1. Hollow out your medium-size pumpkin and then cut out two triangle eyes (the opening should be facing down).

2. Spray paint this pumpkin black and hot glue two triangle ears on top of its head.

3. Grab your largest pumpkin and spray paint it black. Once dry, add a black tail using black paper and hot glue.

4. Cut a small pumpkin in half and spray paint both sides black. These will be the cat’s feet.

5. Assemble your black cat and place a candle underneath its head to make the triangle eyes glow.


Get out those carving knives, because it’s time to hollow out your medium-size pumpkin! Make sure the hole for your pumpkin is on the bottom side since it will be sitting on top of your large pumpkin. Cut out two eyes for your black cat — we chose triangles.


Spray paint the pumpkin black and glue black triangle pieces on top for ears.


Grab your largest pumpkin and spray paint it black. Once dry, cut out a black tail and hot glue it to the back side of the pumpkin. You can make it curve any direction you want to show the cat’s emotional state. Ours is feeling meow-llow.


We originally thought two small orange pumpkins would be great for the kitty-cat’s feet, but then we realized that one pumpkin cut in half works the best. Spray paint your pumpkin halves black.


Place a candle on top of your large pumpkin and then add the head on top to complete your black cat.


How will you adorn your stoop this Halloween? Share your thoughts with us below!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre