With the holidays ahead, it’s all about spending time with the people you love. Maybe that looks like multiple trips home to visit your parents, or maybe you’re booked solid with festive hangs with your BFFs. And while we love the festive whirl of this time of year, it can mean some of your most cherished relationships get a little lost in the shuffle. We get it, your schedule is crazy and there’s planning and parties — but luckily, it doesn’t take much to put a smile on your favorite faces. Check out these easy ideas for making your loved ones feel extra special.

Two women opening Christmas Gifts

1. Prioritize QT. Sometimes, all it takes to make someone feel like the most important person in your life is asking if you can spend some time with them. It doesn’t matter if you go out to dinner, work on a new set of DIY decorations, or simply sit around in your PJs and catch up on life — as long as you’re making a point to do it together.

2. Send a card just because. Sure, you may have an “official” holiday card ready to go to everyone on your contacts list, but if you’re worried that certain loved ones are feeling a little out of touch, there’s nothing like a handwritten note to get things back on track. Who doesn’t love getting mail?

3. Bake them a special batch of treats. Stop giving everyone in your life the exact same assortment of cookies and candies. If you know the treats that your loved one likes best, make the time to whip up a batch for them… and let them keep the whole thing. No sharing allowed!

4. Make a date out of holiday shopping. Pretty much everyone has to buy gifts around this time of year. Why not do it together? Invite your friend, sibling, or S.O. to meet you for a night of browsing IRL at the mall. If you prefer to go the online route, ask them to pack up their laptop and join you on the couch with takeout and cross all of those names off your list, together.

5. Give gifts one-on-one. Exchanging gifts with your whole family or swapping presents with your pals at a Secret Snowflake party can be fun, but if you’re struggling to show someone how much you care, consider planning a separate occasion to do presents just with them. This will give you the time and space to fully enjoy the experience more privately.

6. Put down the phone. Well, duh. Few things in life make you feel more special than knowing that someone you care about is dedicating their full attention to just you. Give that experience to someone you love by setting down your screens when you’re spending time together. This will be all the more appreciated if you have limited hours to spend with that person during the December rush.

7. Create down time. The holidays are absolutely cuh-razy, but you can help your loved ones get the rest they need by, well, scheduling it. Adding “down time” to your shared Google calendar may not feel as sexy as inviting them to a party or happy hour, but they’ll be grateful to you for appreciating how busy they’ve been and how much they need a little R&R. Pop in some cheesy holiday movies, cuddle up with a blanket, and split a tray of your favorite cookies. You’ll both feel restored.

8. Treat them to a cozy drink. If you’re in an LDR with a friend, sibling, or significant other, you can still set the stage for a festive hot cocoa date that will make them feel totally special during this crazy season. Surprise them by sending $5 via Venmo, noting within the app that it’s for their favorite coffee spot. They’ll be thrilled that someone thought to ensure they had a little extra cash to treat themselves amid the chaos.

9. Reflect on your year together. Did you and your mom finally put aside issues that you’ve been struggling with for years? Did you and your bestie take an awesome weekend trip over the summer? Did you and bae improve your communication skills? Chances are that you’ve made memories with every last person in your life over the last 12 months. Celebrate it! Make a point to tell loved ones about the specific things you’ve loved and appreciated most in your relationship this year before we ring in the new one.

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