There are quite a few perks of being a celeb. Not only do you get to go to cool parties and hang out with other fabulous people, but brands are super super super eager to give you stuff. Turns out, like, thousands of dollars worth of eager. We got a peek into the INCREDIBLE stuff that will be featured in the swag bags given out at the Grammy Awards this year. The whole thing was orchestrated by Founder of Distinctive Assets and ‘Swag Bag Connoisseur’, Lash Fary.


The most expensive thing in the bag is a lifetime supply of Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation and Oxygenated Moisturizer. It’s often used by makeup artists or by a patient who has just undergone plastic surgery. If a celebrity chooses to redeem the gift for 10 years, the value is about $14,800. Another big ticket item is a year’s supply of Healing Saint Luminosity Skin Serum and Hair Follicle Stimulant, valued at $2,316, included in the goodie bag.


Celebs can also scoop up a free, weeklong stay at the Golden Door spa in California (which has been called the number one spa destination in the world), valued at $8,850.

Crystal Hills Organics (002)

Other products are a little more affordable, like the Crystal Hills Organics Crystal Love Body Serum ($58).


There’s also the In Season Beauty CBD Oil Infusions, including the Morning Dew Therapeutic Moisturizing Creme ($40), in the bag.

Celebs are also getting a Bangarang box ($40) which includes 199 cards with positive actions and uplifting quotes.


And for the fellas, there’s a beard grooming kit from Hercules ($28).

A smart home kit from Oomi worth $599.

There are a few more unusual items in the gift bag, including Medicé foot cream, custom Crayola crayons, an FXP hula hoop fitness kit and a CPR class. Yep, a CPR class. And, of course, because those awards shows can be extra long, the bag is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of snacks, including chocolates, protein bars and almonds.

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(Photo via Mark Ralston/Getty)