From bubble masks to beauty dust, the beauty world can be so overwhelming — it’s no wonder we stick with what works when we finally find it! That said, experimenting with new products can be fun — especially when we’re talking about the exotic, the innovative or the just plain strange. Good news, beauty babes: Influenster is here to introduce you to four quirky products you never knew you wanted to try ;)

Demeter Fragrance Library Sushi Cologne Spray ($27)


Demeter Fragrance Library is making your sake happy hour an all-day affair. Allow us to introduce you to sushi cologne — the craziest scent to hit the men’s fragrance counters. Spoiler: It doesn’t actually smell like fish, so you don’t have to worry about the cats literally coming out of the bag. We’ve got the inside scoop right here!

Background: Demeter Fragrance Library is known for creating out-of-the-box fragrances. From its “Mountain Air” scent for granola lovers to “Fuzzy Balls” for US Open-goers, this company strives to cater to just about every type of person.

The Scoop: Demeter Fragrance Library Sushi Cologne Spray ($27) doesn’t smell like what you would expect. Picture a walk down one of the exotic beaches of Japan. It combines the fresh scent of sticky rice and seaweed, laced with hints of ginger and lemon essence. Plus, it ranks higher on the wearable scale, considering lemon and ginger notes are found in most masculine scents.

Next birthday present for your significant other? Check.

Fresh Body Fresh Breasts Lotion ($12)


Virtually raise your hand if boob sweat is a very real (and annoying) part of your life. The end of summer heat likes to remind us that, yes, our girls are still in fact there. We’re so over it. Luckily, the geniuses at Fresh Body are putting boob hygiene to the forefront with a game-changing product. Say hello to this weird item: deodorant for your ta-tas!

Background: Fresh Body Fresh Breasts Lotion ($12) goes on as a silky lotion and then dries to a cooling powder to prevent wetness. It replaces baby powder and normal deodorant to keep you dry and fresh!

The Scoop: The main ingredient is tapioca starch, which essentially absorbs moisture. The formula is unscented, so you don’t have to worry about it mixing with your fragrance. Plus, it’s totally paraben- and aluminum-free, so it’s safe for your skin! There’s also no need to reapply — this stuff lasts all day.

SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask ($5)


Background: If there’s one thing Korean beauty has taught us over the years, it’s this: There’s a sheet mask for everything. Enter SNP, the brand that’s giving people maximum selfie potential with a mid-sheet mask and post-sheet mask. Animal Tiger Wrinkle Masks are all the rage, and they’re bringing your skin back to life!

The Scoop: This adorable SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask ($5) is basically like an energy drink for your skin. It thoroughly hydrates the pores, firms the surface and diminishes dullness. Infused with fruit and herb extracts, this face mask has all the powerhouse ingredients to strengthen the elasticity of skin for a clock-stopping look. After washing and toning, place the mask over the face and leave it there for 10-20 minutes. Gently pat it for better absorption.

Tushy ($59)


Let’s talk tushies. If we’re being honest, the market for that area isn’t up to speed quite yet. We did a bit of research, and it looks like our friends across the pond in Europe are one step ahead in the toilet department. Allow us to introduce you to Tushy, your bum’s new BFF. It’s giving toilet paper a run for its money, and we’re giving you the full scoop!

Background: To put it simply, Tushy ($59) works as an alternative to toilet paper. Water cleans better than paper and it reaches where toilet paper can’t. Oh, and fun fact: A week’s worth of flushing normally uses up approximately 55 gallons of water, while switching to a bidet would use 1.3 gallons. It’s saving the planet, your booty and wallet!

The Scoop: It’s a device that is either separate from or installed in a toilet that shoots water up your butt and cleans it — sorry, there’s no other way to describe it! This small and easy add-on does more than just make your bum cleaner. It’s making the world a better place. Buying a bidet actively works to help solve the global sanitation crisis. Tushy has partnered with the organization Samagra to provide families in India with a toilet for every bidet sold. This is crucial in areas where people are forced to resort to open defecation because of their lack of access to sanitary toilets. Tushy has also joined forces with charity: water to provide schools with toilets, promoting cleanliness and boosting attendance in schools. The bidets are easy to install on your own. No outside power source necessary!

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