When it comes to purses and bags we have one motto: Always be prepared. That said, who wants to carry a purse loaded down with stuff you鈥檒l never use?! No thank you. That鈥檚 why, we鈥檝e teamed up with Starbucks to take a peek inside the bags of three of our creative idols: B+C Creative Director Anjelika Temple, food blogger and photographer Nanette Wong and DIY blogger Kristi Murphy.


Leave it to these ladies to carry the perfect mix of practical and colorful at all times. Now they鈥檙e breaking down their must-have items just for us. Spoiler alert! Coffee is always a must!

Read on to unlock your inner Mary Poppins :)

Anjelika Temple // Creative Director at Brit + Co


If you鈥檝e been around for a while then Anj Temple needs no introduction. She鈥檚 been the creative heartbeat behind Brit + Co since day one. You鈥檒l most often spot her in the B+C creative studio brainstorming new DIYs and directing photo shoots. She鈥檚 always rocking bold, colorful patterns that make the rest of us want to go shopping STAT. Anj鈥檚 other staple is her insanely silly sidekick Turkey Temple (he鈥檚 the star of our #dogsofbritco hashtag).

If you love all things colorful, Anj鈥檚 bag will not disappoint. Note the bright blue pom pom hanging from her bucket bag. Here鈥檚 what she says about what鈥檚 in her bag, 鈥淚鈥檓 one of those people you know that has a LOT of stuff secretly stowed away. Nail clippers? Got those. Need tweezers because you got a splinter? Check. Gold sequined headband for a late night dance party? CHECK! I like to keep a mix of practical and party-ready things on me at all times.鈥 Practical and party-ready? Please tell us more!


This photo pretty much says it all. Anj keeps her notebook on her at all times. She鈥檚 the ultimate list-maker and you鈥檒l rarely catch her without a pen and paper on hand. She also has an incredible ability to fix literally anything with washi tape. It鈥檚 the one DIY supply she can鈥檛 live without. Last but not least, you鈥檒l see Anj鈥檚 can鈥檛-live-without party items: a gold sequin headband (when do you NOT need one of those?!), red lipstick and a nod to the 鈥90s, a scrunchie.

True confession: Anj is actually not a hot coffee drinker. But, that doesn鈥檛 mean she doesn鈥檛 run on coffee. From maker walkabouts to DIY video shoots, Anj is always on the go. For her, the Starbucks VIA庐 Instant Iced Coffee packs are the perfect iced beverage for her out-and-about lifestyle.

Nanette Wong // Photographer + Food Blogger


Next up, we asked to take a peek into the bag of photographer, food blogger and B+C contributor, Nanette Wong! Nanette鈥檚 bag was everything you鈥檇 expect for a photographer and more. 鈥淚 carry my camera around pretty much wherever I go. Because of that, I like to keep my purse minimal so when I find that perfect picture opportunity, I鈥檓 not weighed down by too much baggage.鈥


Camera aside, Nanette always packs her essentials鈥搘allet, phone and sunnies鈥揳nd a few other personal obsessions. 鈥淚鈥檓 strangely addicted to lip balm. It鈥檚 a real obsession, people. I can鈥檛 live without it!鈥 We鈥檙e personally in love with her watermelon makeup bag. Can we have that? Nanette also revealed, 鈥淚 like to have business cards and of course, a portable charger for my phone wherever I go. Let鈥檚 be real鈥 Instagram and Snapchat take an absurd amount of battery.鈥 Um鈥 we know ALL about the struggles of Instagram and battery life. Oof.


And of course, can鈥檛 forget about COFFEE! Nanette confessed that she鈥檚 not a morning person (who is?!) and can鈥檛 make decent conversation until she has coffee. Good thing we met up with Nanette post-coffee! But what鈥檚 her go-to? 鈥淚鈥檓 addicted to Starbucks VIA庐 Instant Coffee and I love how convenient it is to take with me on the go (especially when I didn鈥檛 wake up early enough to brew coffee!). Rich and full bodied with a hint of caramelized sugar, it鈥檚 the perfect complement to a buttery pastry in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up.鈥

Kristi Murphy // DIY Blogger


Finally, we called up one of our fave lifestyle experts and DIY bloggers, Kristi Murphy. Kristi loves sharing easy DIY ideas for home makeovers, party planning, wardrobe upgrades鈥 you name it! So, we couldn鈥檛 wait to check the contents of her chic tote. 鈥淎s a blogger, I try to stay on trend. So my bag and its contents have looked a wee bit different since spring arrived. I changed out my black bag for a more neutral tote, and the essentials inside are looking a little 鈥渟pringier鈥 as well.鈥


Besides the classic suspects like a cell phone and sunnies, Kristi admitted to never leaving the house without a notebook. 鈥淢y blogging schedule isn鈥檛 exactly relaxed, so if I don鈥檛 write everything down, I will forget. This notebook is my lifeline, and I love changing up the patterns and designs each season. Plus it pairs perfectly with my gridded pen.鈥

Kristi鈥檚 bag also features some true girl essentials: hair ties,nail polish and lip gloss for all beauty emergencies. That鈥檚 some smart thinking! And since behind every strong woman is a strong cup of coffee, Kristi keeps several Starbucks VIA庐 Instant Latte Caffe Mocha in her tote at all times.鈥淭hese little bundles of joy get me through the day and are super convenient. The Caffe Mocha is my new favorite flavor, it鈥檚 rich and creamy. Plus, I only have to add hot water, making them super convenient to enjoy while I鈥檓 in DIY-mode.鈥


Well, there you have it folks. The secret life hacks for these creative ladies? A well packed bag, a notebook for jotting down inspiration and a little handy dose of coffee.


From colorful prints to a nice summer neutral, we love how each bag matches the individual personalities of each creative!


What do you carry in YOUR bag on the daily? Drop us a line in the comments below or on Twitter!

This post is a collaboration with Starbucks.