When did you buy yourself a new bra? If you can’t remember, it’s likely time. It’s okay, it happens to all of us. With busy lives, upgrading our intimates can sometimes fall pretty low on the priority list. So how do you know when it’s time for an undergarment overhaul? We turned to I Love a Good‘s Jenny Altman to school us on the top eight signs to look for. Keep reading to get schooled.

1. It hurts. “This should go without saying, but too many women put up with pain in the name of support. No, your bra should never hurt.”

2. Your body’s changed. “This includes working out a lot, having a baby, and the like. When you’ve gained weight, lost weight, or your breast shape has changed, your bra needs change too.”

3. It doesn’t measure up. “When you go for a proper fitting (everyone should) and realize you’re not the same size you wore in high school (spoiler alert: nobody is), it’s time for your bra to grow with you. Buy yourself a pretty new one.” (We like this Elle Macpherson Body Blaze Lace Bra [$69]).

4. Your waist is gone. “When you look down and realize there is no separation between your breasts and your waist, you need a more supportive and figure-flattering bra.”

5. Your bra looks worn. “Once you see hanging threads, when your white no longer looks white, or when you can’t read the tag — your bra has officially passed its “best by” date and is ready for an update.” Our advice? Try this Chantelle Le Marais Lace Unlined Plunge Bra ($88).

6. It’s not smiling anymore. “No, really. When the U of the wire is no longer in a perfect U shape around each breast (AKA: your wires have lost their smile), they have expired. Nobody wants a sad bra!”

7. You need a confidence boost. “Anytime you need a shot of self-esteem, throw out or donate your old bras and buy new ones that are better, prettier, and more comfortable. You’ll be amazed what a difference this makes.” (Trust us: Nothing will perk you up like this Hannah Lightly Lined Racerback Bra [$26]).

8. The wires are exposed. “When the wire pops out, there is no fixing it. Toss it. (And don’t put your bras in the dryer next time!)

Now go into your underwear drawer and throw out or donate all of the bras you have not worn in the last two weeks (with the exception of strapless/convertible or specialty silos that you will need again). If you are only wearing your top two to three bras, buy five new ones of those styles and rotate. The others are just taking up space.”

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