The post office is a place you think of鈥 well, never. But when the holidays hit, gift sending and ho, ho, hellos via a card are on the mind. But tbh, surviving Black Friday and figuring out what to buy for Aunt Rhonda and your teenage bro are enough. Don鈥檛 waste any brain space deciphering when those packages and cards need to hit the mailbox. Thoughtfulness pros Punkpost and Treated have created a timeline for the winter holidays and beyond (we鈥檙e looking at you, Mother鈥檚 Day and Father鈥檚 Day!). Before you add all those deadlines to your Gcals 鈥 check out our killer infographic with all the dates below 鈥 here are a couple of rules to follow for snail mailing during the most wonderful time of the year:

1. E-cards do not count: If you miss the boat for X-mas or Hanukkah, send a New Year鈥檚 card.


2. Keep them separated: Send personal holiday cards to homes 鈥 not offices. Your personal holiday should be pleasure, not business, baby. If you鈥檙e sending a business-related holiday card, keep it in the office and don鈥檛 send a family photo.

3. Include a return addy: You just may get a fruit cake or some blintzes back in the mail. WIN.

4. Get addresses ASAP: Know people? Address gathering is a process. Give yourself at least a week to get them鈥 better yet, start now.


5. Order your postage online. The post office is a madhouse during the holidays. Save yourself from going postal. Get those stamps delivered to your door.

6. Outsource: If you can鈥檛 handle mailing yourself, there鈥檚 always an app (or seven) for that.


By now, you鈥檙e probably DYING to hang this stunner infographic on your wall. Download it here, fire up that printer and pat yourself on the back for being so damn organized. If you鈥檙e just too overwhelmed to do any holiday shopping or mailing of any sort, Treated and Punkpost got your back.

Got any holiday mailing tips of your own? Flutter them to us in the comments below.