Don’t leave all of the lip syncing fun to the celebs. While working your stardom in the shower and using your shampoo bottle as a microphone is all well and good, there’s another way to show off your sweet fake-singing-along skills. You’ve probably seen celebs sharing Dubsmash lip syncs of song snippets and movie quotes, and we *know* you’ve watched Jimmy Fallon’s epic Tonight Show battles. And now there’s an app called Wiggle that makes it super easy to shoot selfie music videos. Just hit record and sing along with one of the poppy tune selections. Slap a filter on your video, share with all of your friends, repeat and watch as your talents go viral.


Wiggle has the potential to spice up party games with next-day lip sync recaps, or you could start an online battle with all of your Facebook friends. Thanks to Jimmy F, the whole world knows the ruthless fun of a lip sync battle. And thanks to Wiggle, you can shoot your own in a snap. Download it on iOS for free.


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