Ten years ago, OK Go came out of nowhere with their “A Million Ways” music video. We were immediately obsessed with the low-budget backyard dance party. Then, the band’s treadmill video for “Here It Goes Again” won a Grammy for Best Music Video in 2007. And now they’ve done it again. This time as a super high budget, high tech and laborious music video that is hitting all the right spots with the help of drones and personal mobility devices.

The new video “I Won’t Let You Down,” which has already surpassed 12 million views on Youtube, was filmed just outside of Tokyo. It took a huge team to plan, choreograph and rehearse for an entire month, and the whole video was shot over four days. What the end product amounts to is a lot of dancing and driving around on Honda’s personal mobility device, The UNI-CUB. The gang was also accompanied with a few umbrella-cheerleaders… a few, being around 2,400 of them.

The craziest part is that the video was shot in a single take. Yep, it’s one long shot, from beginning to the end. What made it possible was a drone. You’ll see how amazing it is once you watch the video. It’s bursting with color, packed with technology and finished off with a whole lot of choreography.

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(h/t: Digital Trends)