The Bachelor is a guilty but understandable pleasure. We tune in week after week for the brutal sendoffs and sometimes even shop online for lookalike dresses. It’s common knowledge that the female contestants actually provide their own wardrobe, but the cost of competing doesn’t stop there. According to E! News, the ladies on ABC’s hit reality show generally spend around FOUR TIMES the amount that the men on TheBachelorette do.

The female contestants make their debut in impeccable style — and that can cost a very pretty penny. Before they even leave for the mansion, the women will spend anywhere from $1,800-$8,000 (!) on clothing ALONE, while the men typically spend between $300 and $5,300.

Then comes all the grooming costs. Women drop an average of $200 on new highlights, $75 on a new haircut, $100 on lash extensions, another $100 on a mani/pedi, $30 on brow grooming, $50 on a spray tan, $200 on a nice gym membership to get TV ready and between $50 to $100 on makeup. That’s about $800. Some contestants have been known to indulge in Botox and hair extensions, which can bump the tab up by several hundred to several thousand dollars. But some would say it’s worth it. “You spend way more than you normally would, because you know you’re going on TV,” Season 17 contestant Sarah Herron told E! “And, you may be meeting your future husband so you feel like you need to dress to impress.”

By contrast, men spend about $50 on a cut, $50 on a spray tan, $200 on a gym membership, which averages out to $300. Some don’t do anything different at ALL. Some people might say that true beauty doesn’t have a price tag, but according to the females of Bachelor, that price tag sits prettily (pun intended) at several grand. Yikes!

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(h/t E! News, photos via ABC)