The US is out of the tourney, you can’t even root for the team of the country you studied abroad in anymore (#Ghanaaaa #Akwaaba #EteSen?!) — even Cristiano Ronaldo is back to modeling underwear again, ho-hum. Oh, BUT WAIT! Someone just sent us a Facebook invite for a World Cup viewing party on Sunday, so it looks like this thing is still happening! To celebrate the final game and these last few weeks of rah-rah go team go that has united a globe, here is a collection of posters, infographics and beautiful pieces of World Cup design to post on Pinterest/your wall long after the last sweaty dude says goodbye to Brazil.

1. World Cup History: The poster series World 32 turns sports stats into bright, beautiful posters that only deepen our love of all things Helvetica. Look at the deets for all 32 World Cup teams — everything from how many wins, draws and losses to goals scored. Too bad we couldn’t add a “trophy” to that poster on the right.

2. Eight by Eight’s Special Issue: From a magazine devoted to soccer comes a lush, illustrated World Cup issue inspired by comics and The Game we all love(d).

3. Ancestral Connections: This interactive chart visualizes the ancestral and international connections between the teams. Fun fact: 29 out of the 32 teams has at least one connection to another country and the Swiss team has a total of 21 connections making it the most connected crew.

4. World Cup Kits: Click through to click around the Guardian’s graphic guide to every kit worn by this year’s 32 teams.

5. Timeline of Champions: This is only the tip of this infographic iceberg that gives love to the real players of the game: the fans.

6. World Cup Stamps: These commemorative geometric stamps that represent each team will make you a collector.

7. Rincks Goal Posters: There are other ways to celebrate a “Gooooooaaaaallll” scored besides yelling “Gooooooaaaaallll!!!!” Here are a couple of them — shoppable minimalist diagrams in poster form that plot points.

8. Uniform Rules: From font stroke width to the coaching staffs’ sweatsuits, Fast Company created these cartoons to illustrate the craziest requirements for FIFA’s World Cup uniforms.

9. Cachaça Map: And for those of us who go to baseball games for the experience (hot dog and beer), designer Matteo Riva’s map shows what type of Cachaça (Brazil’s most popular booze) you can drink in the WC 2014 cities.

Are you tuning in for the final game on Sunday? Who are you rooting for? Share below!