With so much going on in the White House, more and more聽people are feeling the need to get involved in organizations or causes聽that they believe in 鈥 but what if you don鈥檛 know where to start? There鈥檚聽proof already that a聽hashtag can change the world聽and protests are happening regularly (like these upcoming marches on Washington), for starters, but there鈥檚 even more to be done. Since there are already seven聽apps to help you stay informed on issues you want to know about, the next step is writing your representatives to tell them how you feel. And thankfully, there鈥檚 an app for that now!

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MyLetter聽helps you get to the crux of your argument in a way that鈥檚 easy to digest聽and makes your point聽loud and clear. Here鈥檚 how it works: The app gives you a list of topics you are interested in, then gives you an option on your position (pro or con). From there, there鈥檚 a space for up to聽three reasons to choose from on why this issue is important to you. The app then allows you to review your letter, and for $2, it will even print and mail it to the representative you wish. Pretty neat, huh?

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According to the company, there are nearly 45 million combinations of letters, making sure that you will never have the same letter as anyone else. And for $2 a pop, there鈥檚 really no reason why you can鈥檛 get involved.

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