Whether you鈥檝e battled bed bugs before in your bedroom or you鈥檝e had a bad bout of聽bed bug paranoia 鈥 phantom itches and all 鈥 you know that these six-legged critters are truly the stuff nightmares are made of. If you鈥檙e looking to take drastic measures when it comes to your bug avoidance (and reclaim your聽eight hours of sleep), pest control company Orkin is here to help. They鈥檝e released their list of Top 50 Bed Bug Cities, dishing聽the dirt on where the most creepy crawlies are living.

Topping the list is Baltimore, which moved up a whopping nine spots to claim the title of 鈥淲orst City for Bed Bugs.鈥 We hope the prize is a vat of ammonia and insect repellent. Of course, Baltimore isn鈥檛 the only city suffering from聽infestations. Las Vegas, Portland, Salt Lake City and Greensboro-High Point-Winston all had the honor (or should we say dishonor?) of making Orkin鈥檚 naughty list for the first time ever.

But the news isn鈥檛 all itchy blues. Some cities have actually made major strides to combat these tiny nuisances.聽Seattle-Tacoma and聽Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne dropped six spots on the list, which should leave residents in those cities feeling relieved.


Curious about whether your city is a top offender? Scroll on for the top 10 worst cities for bed bugs, and check out the full results on Orkin.

Top 10 Worst Cities for Bed Bugs

1. Baltimore

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Chicago

4. New York

5. Columbus, Ohio

6. Los Angeles

7. Detroit

8. Cincinnati

9. Philadelphia

10. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose

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