You probably think you’ve heard it all before: all the things you’re supposed to do to get that coveted, flawless complexion. But even if you are drinking gallons of water, slathering on the sunscreen every day and making sure you’re moisturized, you might have some habits that are destroying your skin and you don’t even know it.

Let’s check out some surprising things that might be destroying your skin.

Oily Skin Myth

Whack: You’re Not Using Oils on Your Skin — Many people think that the name of the game here is to get rid of as much oil as possible to prevent acne breakouts and shiny skin! Overuse of cleaners and toners strips away your skin’s natural oils and causes your skin to ramp up its production of sebum: This can make clogged pores and acne flare-ups more likely.

Hack: Keep Those Natural Oils — Try regularly using products which contain essential oils. The essential oils will not only give your skin a deep, moisturizing treatment (which leads to less sebum production), you can also take advantage of the antibacterial properties (which kill off acne-causing bacteria) and its antioxidant powers (which can reduce cell damage and slow the aging process). We like Eve Taylor Essential Oils for this kind of beauty treatment.


Drinking Water Can Improve Skin

Whack: You Drink Your Water — This one might have you scratching your head, too, but think about it: the whole point of hydration for skin care is that is moisturizes your skin and detoxifies you. However, if you are just drinking your water, it tends to go right through you every time you visit the powder room!

Hack: Eat It — Try to eat your water instead — at least some of it! Go for fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon or cucumbers that have a high water content. Your cells will be able to absorb this more easily — and you will be getting tons of vitamins and minerals that leave your skin beautiful from the inside out!


Sun Care

Whack: You Don’t Cover Enough with Your Sunscreen — When many people apply sunscreen, they tend to pay a lot of attention to their face but ignore other really important areas. This can really increase the risk of skin cancer, not to mention accelerate the aging process due to excessive sun exposure.

Hack: Spread the Love — When you put on sunscreen, don’t just cover your face! Make sure you are also applying it to your ears, jawline and hairline — these are areas where dermatologists often seen cases of skin cancer, since they are often ignored during the sunscreen application ritual. We think that Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen works perfectly.


Face Wipes

Whack: You Skimp on Facial Wipes  Many people use facial wipes only occasionally (or not at all). Dirt and oil from sweat and from the air can sit on the skin for hours. This built-up grime can lead to breakouts and other problematic skin conditions.

Hack: Wipe It Down — Facial wipes are a great way to keep your skin fresh and clean after a workout or before you go to bed — otherwise, dirt, makeup and other gross-out substances can clog your pores and lead to some serious acne down the road. Yuck! Throw some wipes into your gym bag or purse — and be sure to keep them near your bed at night. We like Garnier Soothing Remover Cleansing Towelettes.


So now you know about some of the habits you may have that can damage your skin — and knowledge is half the battle!

What’s your skin care routine? Share in the comments below!

(Sunscreen and vegetable photo via Getty iStock photo)