Unless you have some sweet job that involves traveling around the world or eating at a new fabulous restaurant every day, we鈥檙e willing to bet that you probably spend a lot of time at your desk. A desk that is likely covered with notes, note pads, stickies and redminders.

But if you expand your concept of the desk a bit further than just a level surface, it can become an excellent companion to your work. How, you ask? By turning it into a dry-erase board with the help of Wrap.

Wrap is a flexible peel-and-stick film that turns any surface into a dry-erase board. But it鈥檚 more than just a giant sticker. It鈥檚 easy to remove and easy to reposition, eliminating the typical annoyances associated with this kind of thing. The best part? Specialized air channels means air bubbles ain鈥檛 happening here.

And being the overachiever that it is, Wrap doesn鈥檛 smudge. When it comes time to erase your masterpieces, all you鈥檒l need are some tissues and a little solution. Into the idea? Head over to Wrap鈥檚 Kickstarter page, where various packages, including one coming in at under $45, will get you an assortment of compatible markers and erasers.

What do you think of this business idea? Would you use wrap in your home office or beyond? Let us know below!