We鈥檝e had a love affair with Lipsmacker lip glosses ($3) for as long as we can remember 鈥 in fact, they were one of our favorite 鈥90s beauty products.


We were totes relieved to hear the product would live on following the 2015 sale of the company, but we haven鈥檛 been quitttteeee as vigilant about collecting them all as we once were (we鈥檝e got Pokemon to catch, after all). That doesn鈥檛 mean we don鈥檛 still long for our fave old school gloss from time to time, though!

This summer is as good a time as any for a comeback, and with new reports surfacing of BBQ flavors on the scene (wait, WHAT?), it鈥檚 clear the flavors have evolved quite a bit from our childhood memories of vanilla frosting. We checked out the brand鈥檚 current lineup to see what other crazy flavors we could find, and boy, did we hit a landmine 鈥 some of these are just plain crazy! Check out which ones truly made us scratch our heads below.


1. Double Bacon Cheeseburger: Billed as one of the summer BBQ flavors, this one just might take the cake. Is this a lip gloss line or dinner? The lines are becoming so blurred!

maple bac

2. Maple Bacon: Okay, we know bacon tastes good and all in the moment, but the thought of it lingering on our lips all day? We鈥檙e skept.

pump latt

3. Pumpkin Latte: It鈥檚 official: Pumpkin spice really does rule the world.

salted pretz

4. Salted Pretzel: Another of the marketed BBQ flavors, we have to say, we鈥檙e pretty curious about this one. How exactly does one capture the essence of鈥 well, salt?


5. Sriracha: Um, OUCH? Are anyone else鈥檚 lips burning at the thought of this, orrrrr???


6. Sweet Potato Fries: Even Lipsmacker knows this is a bit of an oddity, writing, 鈥淭ry something unique and unexpected with one of our wacky flavors!鈥


7. Buttered Popcorn: Well, this just makes us hungry.

carm corn

8. Caramel Corn: Not a fan of butter? It鈥檚 cool. There鈥檚 caramel corn for your popcorn pleasure, too. Just give us cheese (might we suggest Garrets?), and we鈥檒l have the popcorn trifecta!

What鈥檚 your favorite Lipsmacker flavor? Tell us over @BritandCo!

(Photos via LipSmacker)